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10 May 2009 - 09:57 PM

Jump shot buzzer beater. YES!!!!!


03 May 2009 - 10:28 PM

Im looking at http://www.ansgear.c...ROTO08PANTSBLUE

I was thinking of getting large, but im 6' 1"ish 165 lbs with a 32-34 waist and long legs. any help would be appreciated.


03 May 2009 - 08:25 AM

I'm trying to decide between slg ul and g3. the question i have is if i get the G3, and get the stock replacement board, does that give it psp 3 shot? ive been trying to look it up on the interweb, but all the places I ooked never actually told me specific modes. and could someone tell me all the modes that come on the stock replacement board?

P.S. - I only want answers to this question, so if you are thinking of saying, "just go with the slg" dont.

Pump vs Not

26 April 2009 - 07:34 PM

I may sound like a noob here, but Ive been wondering something for a few days. I saw one of Mike's videos where he reviewed a new pump marker, and saw he had made another one on how to turn an Autococker into a pump.

My question is: What's the point of using a pump, which is extremely slow and time consuming compared to the new electroneumatic or even mechanical guns? Is it simply for the "old school" feel of them? Or do people think it takes more skill and want the challange?

Hope someone can help.


beginner marker

26 April 2009 - 04:31 PM

Hi, I'm new to paintball. I went for the first time last week and really enjoyed it. I was looking at getting a decent gun that will last me a while. After doing some research i came to look at 2.

Now I'm not sure if you allow vs threads, but I'm looking at either an ion (or ion pro) or an slg. I don't have much money for upgrades, so I would use them mostly stock. I know the ion has some problems stock, however the fact it is full electroneumatic is appealing. And on the other side, I watched Mike's videos and have read reviews on the SLG. It seems really simple to clean and is a good gun, however it is a sear-tripper and I know a lot of people don't like sear-trippers.

Any help would be appreciated.