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17 May 2009 - 07:29 PM

hey guys im having a problem with my vice. i was in the middle of a game, and it started leaking. sooo i take it apart, replace the rammer o-rings. doesnt work. so i take the gun apart and the i put threadlock on the screw inside the gun, by the noid, like underneath the body below the feedneck. (sry if thats unclear, idk how to explain it.) so i put thread lock on it and the leak almost completley dissappears. but now the gun doesnt cycle completley. i tried again with less, and more thread lock, and didnt change anything. im going to get blue locktite tomorrow for that screw, but idk y it would stop the gun from cycling all the way, its a verrrryyyyy small leak now. any suggestions?

Sunol paintball in nor cal

05 April 2009 - 07:06 PM

ok so today i went to this field because i wanted to play pump, and it has more of a woods ball feel. so the day started out fine, nothing special though. as the day went on, the refs got lazier and lazier, and just when i thought they couldnt do less, they found a way. eventually they started jumping in games randomly and of course, played with their friends against a team of walk ons. that didnt really bother me, until the started bonus balling the shit out of us. i mean really? is ramping necessary against a team of rentals and kids with pumps? of course, we call for paint checks, but the refs dont even move and yell "no no hes clean." but when one of the refs playing or one of their buddies calls a paint check, everyone jumps up and sprints over to us. another bad thing was they called my cuzin out for spray. after lunch we played the "super challenge" wich was walk-ons vs the refs. this was probably the worst part of the day, its not that it was unfair, it was the fact that since all the refs were playing, there was nobody to pull people out when they got shot. to make it worse, i tagged a ref right in the mask. did he go out? nope. i took a good few minutes of about 5 people yelling at him to convince him to get out. i mean is it that big of an ego crusher to get shot out by some one with a pump? i guess so, especially when they are trying to build up their confidence by smashing on rentals all day. to be honest, i'm surprised they r still in bussieness


31 March 2009 - 11:12 PM

ok so i gutted my gun cuz it was shooti ng very low velocity and i was lookin at the QEV's and one was very loose

so to put it back on do i need blue loctite or what else can i use?

cuz if loctite is the only option i need to wait a day or 2 with my gun in a billion pieces