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In Topic: VENT about overshooting

06 October 2009 - 08:26 PM

You guys are awesome. Thanks for the conversation. It has been enlightening.

Please forgive me for stirring the pot a little. Sometimes I can't help it.

At least you all stick togther.

In Topic: Makes me angry

06 October 2009 - 06:06 PM

Usually, folks learn to have better ideas and/or posts before they expect people to agree with them.

You kind of posted sort of a PBN'ish point of view, received some pretty well thought out responses, then acted childishly.

Are you certain everyone else is what's wrong here?

In Topic: Makes me angry

06 October 2009 - 04:45 PM

I guess sometimes it can be disconcerting when you see someone with all the latest most expensive gear and then realize they "bought" their look, but maybe you could consider that "imitation is the highest form of praise" if you are the super baller they are trying to emulate, with your connections and cool friends.

If you are not that person, but you have saved and skimped to buy nice mid grade stuff, it could be that if they are a youngster, that they have parents who try and make up for their not spending quality time with their offspring by buying them gear. In that case you should pity them.

If you like playing with your $30 marker because your finances are bad but your game is awesome, then just own them and (politely) let them know that they
were just dominated with $30 of gear.

But don't be jealous or envious, or hate. It is just wasted emotion, and reflects poorly on you.

Besides, store owners LOVE and need those guys! (and they are fun to shoot!)

In Topic: VENT about overshooting

06 October 2009 - 04:31 PM

Who among us can honestly say that they have not shared at least a little extra "love" to some deserving soul who we are convinced did not leave the field on the first or third time we shot them? Who among us has not at least entertained throwing a ball or twelve at a referee who we believe has shown just a little too much love the the gnarly rascal who was stupid enough to oppose us on the field of paintball?

i can honestly 100% say i have NEVER intentionally or maliciously put more paintballs into someone than was required to get them out....

its a bit of a shame to hear people say its ok to intentionally and maliciously over shoot someone just because you dont like them or because you THINK they cheated etc....

and saying your more than happy to shoot a ref is rediculous..... do you seriously shoot refs just because they may have missed a break or a call.....? wow ye of little respect


Oh, wait, you had to qualify that with "intentionally or maliciously". That is a really smart move. I will use it sometime. "Hey, I know that I killed those kids when I ran that stoplight, but it was not intentional or malicious. I have no doubt that they will just let me go......

Because I didn't mean to...........

Who said I "happily" shot refs? Did you seriously read what I wrote? Or do you make it a habit to put words in other peoples posts? Oh wait, you misquoted the Bible too, so I guess that puts me in a pretty good class of writers.

I guess your righteous indignation just overcame your reading comprehension. But I am sure you didn't do it intentionally or maliciously, so it is all okie dokie, right?



let me just say people like you do not belong on the pb field... defending your "right" to overshoot someone.... and worst of all a ref makes you a horrible paintball player...

regardless of how skillful you are you should not be wielding a weapon of any kind if you think its ok to intentionally shoot unarmed people (refs) who are there... sometimes voluntarily in there own free time to help ref games for you THE PLAYER


here is a definition of intentional i suggest you read it

if you shoot someone on purpose with the thought of "oh i dont like him im gonna put an extra few in him" or "oh he didnt go out when i THINK i shot him, so he is now a cheater and deserves extra balls on him as my punishment" or "that ref didnt check that player properly"


if someone walks/runs/moves into a lane you are holding down without you have any prior knowledge of them being there or them walking in that direction it is ACCIDENTAL

i was not tiptoeing around overshooting by twisting words..... i was laying it out in plain english

congratulations on using sarcasm... you now have the online presence of a 15yo

Wow, touchy aren't you.

If you will actually read my post, instead of skimming it in your seemingly overinflated sense of righteous indignation, you will see that I was simply trying to inject a voice of reason and help you and maybe some like you to see that sometimes overshooting is a point of view and not set in stone.

As to whether or not I belong on a paintball field, I have to applaud your psychic abilities to know me or anything about me from one or two internet posts.
If you would actually read those posts, you would see that I never said that I overshoot or didnt, whether players or refs. I think that if you actually did know me, instead of just think you do you would feel as foolish as your posts make you out to be to anyone who does know me.

As to the presence of a 15 year old, you are the one shouting, aren't you..........

Sometimes I think the only thing worse than aggsters is the self righteous player who thinks he knows everything because he has played a couple of years and has a high post count on a forum. Come to think of it, they are nearly the same person.

The quoting the dictionary was a nice touch though.

In Topic: Why?

05 October 2009 - 07:38 PM

Cats are free spirits, and sometimes they just want to move on. Hopefully this is the case rather than he met some demise.

Have you gotten any divorce papers? A summons for his emancipation?

(Seriously, I hope he is ok and all turns out well)