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G3 Color parts kit

22 June 2009 - 05:15 PM

Anyone know where its possible to get hold of this? Ive checked lots of shops and everything is out of stock. Some places have eye covers, but thats all I can find.
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I was thinking about coloring the parts myself aswell, but is it recommended?

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Lookin for a new gun - 1000$ - 1500$

28 May 2009 - 12:37 PM


Ive recently started playing paintball again after a 3-4 year break and I want to buy a new gun. I live in Norway and its alot cheaper to import from USA. Just an example: Macdev Droid in US 950$ vs Norway its 1650$ so there is alot to save even with taxes and shipping. The problem I have is that the local paintball store does not have any of the guns im interested in so I have to read up on tons of reviews and watch videos on youtube(techpb is just awesome there!)

First of all. It has to be red/black because my old clothing is in those colors.
Ive also been scrolling through every paintball store I could find and ansgear is the one I want to buy from. Helpful through the webchat, only read about good experiences with them and overall they seem very reliable.

The 3 guns that caught my attention:
Macdev Droid 950$
Dye DM9 1350$ Normal - Ironmen Limited edition 1500$(looks great!)
Bob Long Victory 1175$ (arriving first week in june, only preorder yet)

I dont like the looks of Egos and was couple of things I didnt like on the Luxe either like rechargeable batteries to be one of them so I ruled them out.

So everything ive seen in reviews and videos says that all 3 of them are all really great guns even there aint that much info on the Victory yet. I just wish it was possible to try them or atleast just hold them somehow, but thats just not possible. Therefore I hope to get some good help from techpb on what to buy. Im not buying anything before the end of June so there is alot of time to make a decision.