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The TechPB Cooking Club!

25 July 2013 - 09:33 PM

All hail lord Ramsay, for he is the one who shall lead us to salvation.


We cook! Join us in our conquest to help educate the children of TechPB proper culinary etiquette through the magic of the intraweb, and participate in our side quest of taking over the world. 



To Join, post photographic evidence of your gastronomic creations, preferably with a BST style name card. Anyone stealing pictures will be publically shamed, and made fun of. You have been warned. 




King Bread - IhasAcellular


Grand Milkshake Poobah - Morgan-Crp


Emperor of Pizza - andrewthewookie   (you sly fox...)


The Cookie Commander - LUXOR54


Bicmaster - Dev.


Grilled Cheese King - The Bacon Man


Uber McDonalds Rainbow Guy - Fumbimo


Count of the Hardwood Flame -  swiftblade13


Herald of Ham - Carolus Rex


Pepperoni Picasso - Justin B.


~Plebeian Members~


 • LikeACheeseStick 


 • tallsmallboy44


~Those who need public shaming~


None! ...at least for now.