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WTB Element V2 ion frame, Regs, bolts, etc.

17 August 2009 - 04:35 PM

Hey everyone I've been trying to look for parts to buy and put on my ion but i have always missed my opportunities to buy them because of my horrible luck.

Anyways, I would like to purchase the things from the title. All colored parts must be black or blue (depends on the part) and must be able to ship to Canada.

About the Canadian shipping, don't be afraid. All i need to do is give you an extra $5 for the shipping and it's no difference than shipping to somewhere in the US, trust me.

Here are the things I want in order of most wanted to least.

1. Element V2 Frame (Black)
2. DW Hollowpoint or TechT L7 Bolt
3. CP Reg (Shorty preferred)
4. On/Off ASA
5. Black Grips (Made for 15 degree frames)
6. A rail for the ASA above (4)
7. Medium sized drop forward (black preferred, blue accepted)
8. Empire Anti-Jam Freeway for Halo type loaders

Offer up please.


Ebay, +2/0-

http://www.techpb.co....#39;s feedback
TechPB +1/0-

(this was also posted on ionowners)

ClawInFace's Feedback

26 July 2009 - 05:52 PM

If you've done business with me over the BST, please share your feedback for me!


Dye Hyper 2

15 July 2009 - 03:18 PM

WTB a Dye Hyper 2 Regulator that will fit an ion. (which i'm sure all, or most do)

Looking to pay around $15 - $25 shipped.


(Prices in USD, I live in Canada)

CP One Piece Barrel - Black, Impulse threaded

11 July 2009 - 07:40 PM

I'm looking for a Custom Products one piece barrel. Dust or Gloss black, it doesn't matter. Impulse/Ion threaded.

I'd like it to be in good condition, without flakes or dents. Small scratches I can deal with.

I'm looking to pay around $15 - $20 USD. Thanks!

Buy this used gear? Or save up for better stuff?

22 June 2009 - 12:21 AM

Okay guys, I have 2 options. and I need opinions on what I should get. I don't really know what I should go with. Keep in mind I don't have much cash, but I need new/better gear because some of the stuff I have is horrible.

::OPTION 1::
Buy a used Halo B loader. (FOR $40)

I have a really shitty Extreme Rage hopper that ALWAYS spins when it's on. I get weird looks when i'm crawling through bunkers in the scenario field and i can't even have it on in the woods because it's that loud.

I want to shoot faster but my current loader cannot keep up with my marker.

HOWEVER, the money used on this loader COULD go to a better mask/paintball pants. Those are a couple things I REALLY need. I already have a mask, but it's not dual-paned, and fogs up like freaking hell. It's also worth $20, so there's quality for ya'.

::OPTION 2::
Keep the loader I have, and save up for paintballs, a better mask, and paintball pants. Three things I really need right now. However, that loader could go a long way, but saving my money would be great too.


Tell me what you think guys. I'm quite newb at deciding these things so... :S Thanks!

EDIT: Added the price of the used halo b. Forgot it.