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In Topic: Scenario Boots on Ebay for $45 shipped

31 October 2012 - 01:04 PM

Great find TechPB Mike.
I have a pair of HI Tech Magnum Cobra that I paid 85 bucks for that are the most comfortable boot I have ever worn.
But if you need a pair of low quarter those are great and at a great price.
I would buy them myself, but I am waiting on a pair of WW2 replica boots I bought last year for D-Day. But were too large.
Nunn Bush took them back after months past there no return date and has sent me a replacement pair at a smaller size.

A full boot doesn't mean there going to support your ankles. The worst sprained ankle I ever got was in a pair of paratrooper boots.
I would suggest if you have bad ankles, to wrap them with an ace bandage or ware a comfortable ankle support from a good company like Dr Scholz. Make sure you get the proper size for circulation.

In Topic: Woodsball Tips

31 October 2012 - 08:21 AM

Woodsballer29: My sincere apology for calling you a punk. You certainly are not . You changed my opinion of you 100% The only reason I post in these forums is to help. I don't know it all and am always learning. Thanks for your kind reply. Any time you need any help that I can provide I will be available to help you all that I can...8D

Now Mr LV Backpacker: For your information. I just returned from World Cup seeing my friend TechPB Mike there and his beautiful wife and precious twin girls, and Rocky Cagnone, my personal Dye gun tech. Rocky and I are suppose to get together this evening at his house and hash out the sylnoid problem with my D.A.M Dye Assault Matrix I bought at World Cup on Sunday. I was number 17 to purchase one.
I am a trained NPPL Referee. And Coropral Mikey my friend who arrested the punk who tried to steal a tee shirt from the Dye Compound. If you were on my FB friends list you could see a picture of Rocky and my self at World Cup. And Corporal Mikey putting the cuffs on the punk who stole from Dye Compound.

Like the cartoon Gi Joe says "Knowing it half the battle"...8D

In Topic: Woodsball Tips

30 October 2012 - 02:51 PM

Well it sounds a lot like you know way more that maybe God Himself. When you ask for advise and someone is kind enough to take the time to give it you thank them and move on weather its pertinent to you or not. Not pick there post apart, like you did extensively above. I've been playing paintball for 28 years I guess I don't know as much as you young punks...8D

In Topic: Woodsball Tips

28 October 2012 - 09:13 PM

Being a tournament player doesn't transpose to woods and scenario. No matter how much advice you get you will forget it all when you get in country. Just follow your instincts. Find a veteran player and stick to him or a team. You will learn by practical application, book learning and preparation goes out the window in combat. It always degenerates in kayos. Scenarios are won by completing missions not getting kills. So just because there is an opponent in front of you its not always expedient to eliminate them. Learn to be stealthy and silent. Check your kit and see what makes noise when its shaken. Then eliminate it. Eliminate shiny things on your gun or flashing lights, cover them with black tape. Don't ware bright colors like your tournement uniform. Wear disruptive cammo Knowing how to read an map and have the ability to know which way is north. Having a compass is a good thing if you'v never played on that field.
Be a follower and learn how too. When your on a mission don't shoot your gun, don't make a lot of noise by stepping on branches and dry leaves don't talk or make unnecessary noise. Move when the time is right, like when the wind makes noise. Of if a train or airplane is going by. Hows your night vision? Don't shine a torch in you or your squad mates eyes. Flash blindness occurs and continues for up to 30 minutes.I like to ware scenario pertanant clothing. If your Viet Cong dress in black scrubs and carry very little on the field, but you gun and ammo and something to drink. Scenarios last for many hours so pace your self, even though you may be young you can stll get heat prostration. Hydrate before the game. Drink plenty of water but don't drown your tissues. Drinking too much water can make you sick. Carry a personal first aid kit. Consisting of Band aids of various sizes, antibiotic ointment. Eye wash such as clear eyes. Cala Gel for poison ivy. You can get it at most all pharmacy's. I use it when I contact any kind of plant that corrupts the integrity of the skin. Cala Gel gets rid of poison ivy with only one use. First scenario I remember mine back in the day at Wayne (Rabbit) Dolick's old Survival Zone in Silver Springs Fl. Called the longest night. Well that's about all I can think of right now best wishes. Most inportand thing to remember is have fun. That's the ultimate goal of the Scenario Producer...8D

In Topic: waynes world in florida scenario prices?

12 October 2012 - 04:24 PM

Grand Finally has always been on the first week of Dec. I don't know why you can't find
The prices on his website, probably not looking in the right place...8D