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FPS Maps you'd want to ball on

17 February 2011 - 10:04 AM

A business management class I'm taking this semester has us setting up plans for a fictional business, and my group chose to do a paintball field in which some of the fields are direct remakes of multiplayer FPS maps.

So for the research segment, I want to ask - what map(s) from what games would you want to play on?
Please think of maps that are mainstream to a degree, and would be at least somewhat financially reasonable to reproduce (i.e. nothing with too many buildings or extreme landscaping).

Of course this will not actually be created outside of a fictional business plan, but I need to make a decision on a map or two to use based on suggestions from actual players while keeping popularity and finances in mind.

Rather than setting up a poll I'll just let everyone call things out.

Favorite Paint Colors

03 October 2010 - 12:18 PM

Being the simple-minded person I am, I always enjoy trying different paint shell/fill colors every time I play. I honestly get a little discouraged when I have to go with boring dull RPS Stinger colors or something like that, lol. having a new and exciting color is honestly half the fun to me.

For shells I like 2-tone, especially glossy bright colors like red and yellow (RIP old Visible Impact colors). They look nice flying through the air. I also like pink/blue shells, but I haven't seen any like that in years. Solid orange is also nice.
When it comes to fill, I think pink is the most bright and recognizable, but orange and yellow are fine too.

So is anyone else easily amused enough to pay this much attention to paint colors?

Doing Planet Eclipse for a Project

14 September 2010 - 08:33 PM

For the past three years of my engineering class we've had to do occaisional powerpoint presentation on what was traditionally an assigned topic, but for senior year we're being given the option of choosing our own. The only requirement is it must be a "company that employs engineers." I requested Planet Eclipse, and it got cleared.

The requirements are that it must be 13 mintues long, it must include a chart/graph relating to the company, it cannot contain text outside of slide titles (the rest has to be read off notecards and such), and we need to design a related part in Solidworks (a 3D drafting program).

I'm planning to start with a slide with some background info, like the what paintball is and its history. Then I want to do a slide on the GEO, EGO and SL series markers. For each I'll probably also do a slide on the poppet/spool valve technology using the ZDSPB animations as an aid.
For the part, I was thinking doing the .50 cal insert if I can find some good pictures. I don't really know what to do for the chart/graph.

While I'm working on this, anyone got some good ideas, or places to get information other than the PE website?

2 straight macroline fitting on a Vibe

11 August 2010 - 06:50 PM

So I want to set up macroline on my Vibe so I can get rid of that damn wedge. Naturally I would think to get two straight fittings with the way the reg and asa are. However the guy a my pro shop told me that using two straight fittings in that manner would cause the line to blow out and I'd have to use a 90 degree elbow for one of them.

Is this actually a plausible problem? Or should I have no problems with two straight fittings on my vibe?