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Yakuza OLED Series Autococker Board battery issue

10 January 2009 - 07:21 PM

I acquired one of these great little boards in the last few weeks but if I leave any battery in it for more than 12 hrs the battery is dead and I am using good battery's. Is this normal because my stock e2 board doesn't have this problem?
the version is y2r091608
fire mode semi-auto
sear pulse dwell 3.5ms
sear pwm dwell .5ms
bolt dwell 10ms
abs 0ff
bolt open delay 1ms
bolt close delay 15ms
breach watch time 800ms
brightness =1
auto off timer is 5 minutes

I do have an mq2 valve installed and a rf ship for the magna drive board

I have found that in the off state my tadao board is pulling down 40 ma of current and if you go to duracells web sight it shows that the srevice life will be around 12 hours.

In no way do I think that anyone should view this a mark against the company


01 October 2008 - 09:16 PM

I had to send in my 88 5 in for hydro and the guy told me it will take 3-8 weeks. I was looking in to picking up a tank for the short term and a freind is willing to sell me a 45/45 crossfire tank for $70 but it has a decent size chip in the clear coat, should i jump on it?