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Heroes Vs Villans 09

12 September 2009 - 02:43 AM

Sweet man ill probably go but it depends if we decide to do GV speedball tournament instead. Are you going?


You def should go up there I hear they are going to have some of the bigger teams around here going

Only if I can get the money then I will def head up there I think I maybe able to bum some cash from my dad

I herd the field they have is good never been there b4 tho

no paintballing for me :(

28 June 2009 - 12:03 AM

I'm on house arrest so I cant paintball :angry:
this sucks my summer is like gone <_<


lol sorry guys I forgot to post and I haven't been on to check
I fucked up with my bro and like 4 other guys we broken to a stand and stole stuff,
one of the guys wanted to steal a van retard got the van lights tried to get it in
front of a house with its lights on windows open and the door open

Its not to bad I'm prob. getting my changes dropped

NOOBS who think they know every thing

30 May 2009 - 08:18 AM

Ok so I was paintballing with friends and it was the long range guns Flatlines ect verses every one else mostly noobs so I'm on with the noobs every one of them sucked only one other person I knew who paid attention and knew what to do.

Ok so there frontal sniper who was keeping every one down till it started getting to hot for him he started to move back. So I tried to have every one push the defenders back in to a close corner telling to push and move but they were all hiding behind trees scared of getting hit.

I only got my one kid to move who twisted his ankle when rushing for cover to get a better shot I made it to cover, really close to there front sniper too any way I tried to get them to move one more time.then a little Posted Image Posted Image told me that I didn't know what I was talking about and that the kid got hurt because of me and listing to me so I stared cussing at him telling him what he should do and the kid says more garbage like hes know how to play.

In the end I got pissed and rushed blindly just shooting till I was taken out. If I had a team of people who know anything we would have won easily but because the noobs were to scared to move out of cover we all got taken out eventually... from the same trees... that they hid at... and didn't move from Posted Image noobs.

OK so noobs are noobs but it pissed me off more that this kid who I have hated sence the 3rd grade who tried to tell me that I was wrong. When any one who knows better would have pushed on the retreating defenders. Who weren't holding there positions well enough then blamed me for the other kids injury while hiding behind a tree cause he forgot to bring his balls to the match.

:excl: *UPDATE* :excl: "Okay Because every one is a a genius I need to update "
-I never said that I was yelling at them to begin with I was encouraging people to move. "wow I am a fucking retard for helping out huh guys I must be thats how you guys are portraying me "
-I got a guy who knew that I was helping and rushed up to further cover with me but jumped off of a rock and twisted his leg or something every one had seen that I had nothing to do with this.
-Then one kid that I have had trouble with forever way back in the 3rd grade decided to wear his cunt on the outside and tried saying that I was responsible for him getting hurt and the smart thing to do is hide and be a pussy and lose. "Which is what happened in the end"
-Then I started cursing at him no one else not only did I curse at him so did the guy who got injured he was also telling the idiot off too.
-I under stand that they were noobs "I had even said this before" every one was a noobie at one time and I understand they were trying to survive I ecouraged them to move. I WAS Not!!! yelling comands trying to have a military moment.
whole issue is with this one kid who was being a dumb fuck NOT THE NOOBS
:excl: *UPDATE* :excl:


23 May 2009 - 11:10 PM

So I'm thinking about getting on a team so here is what I have found

Ok from Nitehawk we got
-Gecko Squad
-The Devils Brigade

There is also
-Shadow Knights

Idk we had other teams like (idk how to contact them or anything)
-BBB (Bound By Budget)

Any more give me a heads up? I'll edit so every one knows the teams around the area.
The woodsball and speedball teams.