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In Topic: what gear should i get

17 May 2009 - 04:58 PM

1)get a rotor
2)virtue board
keep your g3, you says you need a milsim marker when playing the woods, I play with a blue/gold quest and I still sneak up on people, IN A YELLOW JERSEY


Agreed - woodsball does not mean you have to change your marker out. Woodsball is about woodsball skill - not the mil-simness of your marker.


17 May 2009 - 04:41 PM

For all of you complaining about the price, I ask, how much does a replacement shell cost? The only place I found them online washere.

(pst - that isn't an A5/X7 product)

Lets all go over this one more time.

This isn't a Pinokio force feed hopper. It is a piece of plastic that looks like a Pinokio hopper. It fits on top of a Cyclone loader. It has no internal electronics. It can only drop as fast as gravity can pull the balls out of it - it is still up to the Cyclone to feed those balls into the action. As far as the X7 goes the stock hopper holds 250 balls and is a much lower profile hopper. If you wish to hold more balls there are plenty of aftermarket hoppers that fit the Cyclone that offer a wide range of profiles and capacities. Most of these hoppers cost dramatically less than $50, there are some that do cost that much but that price generally is only based on appearance (much like this hopper). However, those hoppers that offer appearance upgrades generally are based on a 'woodsball' theme, namely camouflage.

So again - why would a woodsball player want to stick one of these on their marker? What would they gain with the extra cost?