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Best Paintball KILLSTREAK OF ALL TIME!?!?!?!

15 December 2012 - 10:01 AM

In this INSANE Episode of top 5 HITs, I show you a Player who
defines Aggresive,
If your Not Impressed by this.... Then look in the
Mirror,because a Hater is in your pressence!
ENJOY, and let your friends know
about the show, AND WE NEED More SPEEDBALLERS!!!!

TOP Paintball KILLS of the WEEK!

24 November 2012 - 09:59 AM

The SECOND Episode is LIVE!!!

If you Don't know we have Started an AWESOME New Series call TOP 5
we geet fotage from AROUND the WORLD of the coolest speedball and
woodsball hits and show it to EVERYONE
Please Comment on youtube, let me know
what you think, I want to make YOU guys the stars!!!!!

Send in YOUR KILL SHOT Videos!

17 November 2012 - 08:58 AM

****BREAKING NEWS**************
We're starting a NEW episode
series!!! and we want to put YOU guys in the spotlight!!!! With so many of you
using R7's, Drifts, GoPros, and Contours its about time we show your EPIC
SHARE This on your social group and personal pages, Get your
friends to send in Vids, and see them on my NEW Youtube

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Another EPIC WOLF Battle!

13 September 2012 - 09:37 AM

So much paint the Leaves were flying, and the sound was
Join me for tips and hints on how to lead an Army of 1,000
paintballers over Hills, through tree's, and into sand filled
Headshot's, Medics, and Mayhem at the BIGGEST GAME IN
Is camo or speedball jersey Needed?
and How much paint
should you Carry!?!?!!?
At this Level, its hard to tell!



21 August 2012 - 03:19 PM

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make Hundreds of Ballers
Run up a Massive hill and ATTACK an enemy who has the High ground?!?!
WOLF with a First ever MIC'd up Helmet Cam, aND SEE WHAT IT TAKES TO pUSH AND
SEE Why we Love this sport so much, and How INSANE Things get, to
get through the Dirt, rocks and Tree's and take Out the Other Team,
I ask you
to spread this, Share it, especially to Non Players to see how much fun this
Glorious Game can Be!!!!
Please Comment on the channel, let me know what you
think, ESPECIALLY Tournament players, always like to hear your thoughts!!