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Sp-1 Breach Leak

14 July 2013 - 08:20 PM

i just bought a sp-1 blackheart from my friend for 40$, once i got back to my house i decided to clean it before airing it up, cause i figured it had been a while since its been re lubed, i took the bolt out, inspected the orings cleaned every thing off lubed it up with marmalade and re installed it seeing nothing wrong with it. but when i air it up i get this leak from inside the breach, it isnt really going out the barrel so much, but i can feel it slightly coming out the back cap, i have re inspected it again, re lubed it with the same problem, i do not see anything wrong with the oring, the only thing strange i see are small scratches on the can part of the back cap, like there maybe was some sand or grit in there when it was unscrewed, but dosent look like it would effect anything. I forgot to mention that the gun will still fire, the bolt returns, and i dont feel any air coming out the front. it has a new alkaline battery, but it has been setting up for a while, but it works fine on my g6r. it sounds like a oring problems, but my back cap oring is fine looking. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 

2011 Bob Long g6r ripping oring issue

03 June 2013 - 09:47 PM

Hello every one,

my 2011 G6R started having the notorious asa troubles i hear so much about form them, although mine never had the problem until the other day, i found out it was the oring on the asa pin that kept ripping, i replaced it and it ripped again, i contacted Blast and the tech i talked to pretty much told me there is nothing i can do but buy another oring and screw in the asa and never mess with it again, no more degassing my high end paintball marker after games, i found it very odd that the high and mighty bob long customer support that i hear so much about dosent have a a fix for people with a 2011 g6r instead they answered the problem by making a asa that wont have the problem and specially fitting it to a brand new gun. i was wondering if any of you guys has heard of or knows of anything i could do to fix this problem, i also hope a bob long representative sees this post.