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Midwest Team Looking to Grow

31 January 2011 - 03:07 PM


Midwest team looking to grow

29 January 2011 - 01:24 AM

With the New Year comes new thing and for the team formally known as the Butter Knife Assassins that means a lot. In the off season we had some time to rethink things and do a little restructuring to the team. One big thing that we decided to change was the name of them team to something that was more descriptive of who we are. Thus the name Absolute and most all the definitions that Websterís has to go along with it was born.

Now to get down to business, as the topic states we are a Midwest team looking to grow with new members. We have a very busy Scenario season planned and are looking to hit the ground running with some new members. We arenít too picky when it comes to new members but we wonít just take any one. We are looking for individuals that have heart and are want to play with a very organized dedicated group; someone that is looking to play 4-5 big events thru out the year and hs to notch sportsmanship.

Some of the event we are planning on going to included:

Fort Knox "Greed"- April 9th-10th
CPX "Living Legends 4"- May 21st-22nd
Sherwood Forest "District Apocalypse''- June 4th-5th
Fort Knox "The Goonies"- July 9th-10th
Salt Forks "Vietnam"- August 9th
Fort Knox "Freedom Fighters"- September 10th-11th
Bear Claw " Gualala Canal"- October 15th-16th
Fort Knox "Mobsters III"- November 5th-6th

Our first official team practice/Try outs will be March 5 at Fort Knox half prices season opener.