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In Topic: 2010 PMR vs. Etek3 LT

11 December 2009 - 03:08 AM

I donno im kinda upset with Planet Eclipse at the moment. The shit they pulled with the Ego 10 i am really angry with. Aswell as the hole idea with the LT AM. They are just making so that you either by the LT or by the AM and slowly upgrade to LT wich is cool if you dont have the money but its all a money make none the less. Why cant they give back one year. I just dont understand for just one year they make a new gun and its under 1000$. There was no masive overhall on the Ego 10 they could have easly just lowered the price and those things would have riped out.

I used to have a PMR 09, absolutly loved it great gun for the price so i think the 10 will be the same
Etek look very nice this year and if you buy the Etek this year is like buying an Ego 08 or almost 09

In Topic: Favorite brand of gun

11 December 2009 - 03:04 AM

Bob Long is my favorte brand but there are alot of guns that i like from other companies. I may not always be shooting a bob long, but i always have one or two in the gear bag.
Posted Image

Hehe Got to love sponsors, thats what my gear bag looks like exect macdev so i have 3 or 4 borgs, 1 RX, 2 Droids and now my new CLONE!
Its not really that crazy i would wanna see Mikes collection!

In Topic: Luxe vs Dye NT

09 December 2009 - 10:00 AM

So what you are saying lets say a Smart parts barrel with an insert perfect to paint is going to shoot the same as a stock tippman barrel?
Or a barrel with no porting is going to shoot the same as a barrel with porting?
Its very hard for me to beleive that out of the box every gun is just as accurate.
But thanks a lot i love learning new things, its all about expanding the knowledge!

No reason to debate this here since this guy is trying to decide what marker he wants to get!
Lets take this somewhere else shall we?

In Topic: Luxe vs Dye NT

09 December 2009 - 09:43 AM

Ok fair enough on the Unbalanced bolt design i missunderstood. My bad. Anyway..

An LCD screan has nothing to do with the price of a gun because lets be honest LCD screans are a dime a dozen. Just putting a screan in is not going to make production cost go up at all or atleast not high enough to change the price of the actual marker itself.
Im pretty sure if you passed second grade you can count blinking lights and i dont understand how that can be that hard? For me personal and LCD screan is a waste of space. If we look at the board in a paintball marker as a computer wouldnt you agree the less a computer has to run the faster it operates and the less mistakes it makes?

Ok speed was a stupid argument ill admit but accuracy in the turniment level is very important. I have gone though many guns in my time playing paintball. And i can garanty there is a differance between a Vibe and Luxe. even if you put the luxe barrel on the vibe you would still not be hitting within the radious in which a luxe or NT shoots, because accuracy is greatly influenced thought he barrel but for the fine tuning the bolt and the way it pushes the ball though the breach also playes a roll. A barrel can only get you within one radious but once the barrel and the bolt work together you can get almost paint on paint shots. If you dont beleive me please go and try it out because i have.

You can put the same barrel on 2 differant guns and you will get a compleatly differnt outcome to the accuracy.

English aint my frist language btw so spelling = irelivant

In Topic: Mac Dev Clone

09 December 2009 - 09:25 AM

So guys this is the newest Macdev Gun. It is amazing. It is all the best from the droid and the RX mashed into one machein of awesome!
Check it out do some reasearch. Ill be testing mine out in the next month and ill do a "wanna be mike" unboxing and review.
Heres a picture of mine Posted Image
Once the new Consilium Dei annoing comes out like we had on the droid ill send it in but im pretty happy right now.

So right now from first feel theres my 10 cents

  • Triggers not bad its got a little side to side motion better than the droid
  • Grip frame is much better than the droid its the RX frame with the LCD and also feels nicer in the hands its skinner than the droid was.
  • Very quite just the next step up from the luxe, kind same noise level as an NT
  • Simple and elegant design which i love since you can really dig it into the group and it will not look worse, might look better
  • RX2 Reg is sick! its tiny and feels very nice in the hands. Im still breaking it in so the fps flucuation i can not tell you
  • Shift barrel kit is very nice very accurate
  • On/off is the same as the droid and RX which was kinda disapointing
  • NO MORE SCREW FOR THE BOLT this was legendary since no more indexing making this much nicer to lub
  • Kick ass efficancyz

    Thats just my little 10 cents worth so far sooo ill keep you guys updated!
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