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Mac Dev Clone

09 December 2009 - 09:16 AM

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MacDev's lightest marker yet

The all new MacDev Clone has liquid 3D milling that is reminiscent of the original Droid design, however it has been updated with smoother lines and tighter shaping around internal components. This results in a much lighter and sleeker looking marker, the end result being 13% lighter than the 2007 model Droid.

The new Clone weighs in at only 880g/1.94lbs with 14" barrel and battery.

A new step forward in spool valve technology

In 2007 MacDev released the Droid and set a new standard by delivering a spool valve marker that was both fast and efficient. Now the MacDev Clone takes those features one step further. The Clone drivetrain features a massive 425% increase in valve flow, and the use of new size o-rings to reduce friction drag by more than 60%. The new drivetrain is also 12% shorter, making it lighter and also shortening flow paths for more efficient air delivery.

As if that wasn't enough, the drivetrain is removable and rebuildable without the use of tools - simply unscrew the back cap and the entire drivetrain comes out in one piece.

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RX2 Gladiator: More stable & reliable than ever

Powering the Clone is the next generation RX2 Gladiator regulator. The RX2 boasts the highest flow, and fastest recharge available to date. It also has easier maintenance with the new spring system replacing the old stack.

In addition to the filter technology pioneered in the Cyborg RX, the RX2 Gladiator now has internal dirt avoidance countermeasures by means of positioning the piston seat in a way that will keep debris away from delicate parts. This is the only regulator that protects itself so that debris cannot damage the internals, causing unsafe pressure levels inside your marker.

RX Frame

The Clone builds on the success of the Cyborg RX by offering the same thin grip frame, molded grips and rear button pad. Included is the RX board with OLED, USB port and a variety of modes, user-programmable profiles and more.

The trigger pivot point has been moved forward to make it easier to shoot fast, with a new trigger with improved ergonomic shape. The Clone's grip frame is still compatible with Cyborg RX triggers also.

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New clamping feedneck

The Clone uses the new feedneck system introduced with the Cyborg RX. The new Clone feedneck features an improved lever and a low profile design to keep your hopper lower and allow you to play tighter.

Shift Barrel

The Clone comes with MacDev's newest barrel, the Shift. The Shift is incredibly light, quiet and has an innovative insert system which connects the insert to both the back and front pieces ensuring it will always stay in place.

The Clone comes with a .691 insert. An upgrade kit with a full set of Shift inserts will be available so you can easily match your barrel to your paint size.

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The most efficient spool valve marker

The MacDev Droid was the first spool valve gun to bring efficiency to a new level, being the most efficient spool valve gun ever since its release. The Clone continues the trend of being the most efficient spool valve marker offering 1,700+ shots from a 68/45 tank @ 290fps.

Shown left to right (red, aqua, silver, black)
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Consilium Dei Zurich

09 December 2009 - 05:40 AM

Hey everyone,

Wow this is so cool! Thanks a lot for making a page for the Zurich team. Shows that we actually make a impression on the paintball industry overseas. If you guys would like I will post updates, pictures, trainings tips and much more. This is the first time that I have seen the Zurich team having their own forum. Since i have read what is in here so far i thought i might add something relevent.

So guys if you are interested on how the CD team is doing and what's going on please tell me and I will update this forum every week.


P.S: Yo mike, or any of the other Techpb guys or girls if you guys ever make a trip to switzerland write me a message and ill get you in the loop with the paintball industry here.

PMR 09 Or Ego 07??

01 June 2009 - 04:41 PM

My friend wants me to trade a 07 EGO for my PMR 09 Good deal? Yes No? Why?

Swiss Ballers!

28 May 2009 - 09:25 AM

Hey boys and girls, my name is Max but i go by Zam. I'm looking for some people in Switzerland who are interested in playing on the week ends. I live in Zurich which is about 40 min car ride away from Paintball Paradise were i am a member and set up the airball field every time i go. Is anyone interested in playing or starting. If you are leave a note on this forum and well get in contact. I can even pick people up but im gonna need gas money. Soo peace out guys hope to see you soon.

Tadao Tech

27 May 2009 - 02:16 AM

Hey guys i have been playing with my PMR 09 for a while now and it shoots amazing but i feel like the board is holding it back a little. I have been looking at Virtue and Tadao, does anyone have any pros and cons for either or any consumer experience? I donno have i have been going though most of the settings on the PMR and it just seams like a pain in the ass if you need to change anything. Especialy during Turnies, taking the grips off and doing all that before the games is just annoying. And when you choose the modes it sets to the current BPS and mehh its just kinda half assed. So does anyone have any sugesstions?