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Im Veggetarian or I eat Healthy shit club

30 May 2009 - 08:31 PM

Vegetarians, vegans, healthy freaks, enviromentaly friendly people, you are welcome!


Jan 19 years

Healty Freak's:


diferent type of memberships:
VEGETARIAN(How long have you been??)
healthy eater (that eats meat)
i wish i could eat healthyer.(if u want to become a better eater)

some of the musts:

Eat propper meals every day and give an example on what you eat on a typical day and what would you eat if you are in a hurry. (all the foods you would eat in one day)

Must take at least 1 multi-vitamine

be able to cook or prepare meals for yourself.

knowing when u have to eat and not eat just because your mom, wife says its time to eat.

any suggestions? on the musts??

empire reloader b Vs. eVLution 3

29 May 2009 - 09:12 PM

Witch loader do you think is best if u have had experience with both or just one of them. not just because one looks prettyer than the other

i have both of them i have found that the VL has a lower profile. and is lighter in weight im not sure in speed how its compared.

i havent had any problems with ether of them but the VL is new so i havent used it that much if some one can tell me theyre experience with eather of em.

the marker i normaly use is an sp1 so im liking the Vl better sins it does not stick towards the front of my marker.


Puerto rico Paintball

28 May 2009 - 12:10 PM

here is a local forum from puerto rico


and a few fields in the area:

carolina- Abelitos paintball field - 550 6222

Naguabo- Xjungle 646 3889

RIO GRANDE- hyper x -787 550 3837

AGUADILLA-mind breakers 787 566 5344

ARECIBO-apf 787 438 6524

Gurabo-xtreme hunter 245 1573

caguas paintball field 787 603 8842

for more information you can go to gotchapr.net