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Gangland: A House Divided

11 January 2012 - 11:05 PM

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Funny how things go to hell Shifter, thought.

Women can't live with them, can't use their bones for soup... How the hell was he going to sit down at the Deacons table and tell the other 12 that the northern charters were blowing apart over an ol' lady? They shouldn't have been on the run in the first place damn it! Should of kept it like the old days, no women, no kids, just some outlaws and their bikes... why did things have to be so complicated?

It was a beautiful Saturday, the No R.U.B. run to Rainier. 6 charters representing King Counties' finest rolled out of Tacoma like a thunderstorm, running down the miles with the careful precision and carefree manner of the practiced masters that they were. Master of all they surveyed and trouble for those who stepped in their way. Early afternoon found them at the base of the mountain and the spread the women had laid out for their highway kings was as good as last years, hell maybe even better. The booze began flowing and that's when the trouble started. It's funny I don't even remember which ol' lady it started over. All I know is someone got rubbed and it was the wrong damned way, then the cussing and shovin' next thing I know it's chains and buckles then BOOM! Bigger than life the Concrete charters shot caller is laying on the ground holding his leg and the bloods pouring out and then that's when it got serious. Knew it was gonna get worse, just didn't know it was gonna be this bad. Cooler heads prevailed for a minute, bikes kicked over and the boys scattered to the four winds.

That's how we got here, now the genies out of the bottle and I don't know if we are ever gonna get him back in.

The Concrete charter of the 40 Thieves has patched over to Redwood Devils, the grow operation and all the border business is in jeopardy and Concrete may not be that only charter that goes. We got ICE agents crawling all over the border area, no doubt some dimes got dropped over this... all over a ol' lady.

Meanwhile in Concrete......

He crossed the bar and picked up the phone...
"Yeah, it's me."

He listened to the words coming out of the handset.
"No, I'm not sure how many are ready to patch over, I know the clubs sick and I aim to gut it, spill that sickness all over King County."

He gripped the phone tightly, taking in every word.
"Yes, the grow operation is still running."

Slowly the plan was spelled out.
"First thing we plan to do, I'm going to tell the boys now. We'll get it done, bye."

He clicked the receiver into place...thinking to himself, if hell hath no fury like a woman scored, wait till they get a load of me.


Field Information: www.oxcc.com/
Production Information: www.deltapaintballproductions.com

Announcing our commanders for Gangland: A House Divided:

Heading up The 40 Thieves we have John "Balz" Belz of Joint Fury.

A member of Joint Fury since its inception, he is currently the Captain of Jawbreaker. Balz played his first scenario in 1994 and commanded his first scenario in 1995. He is a veteran of over 30 scenarios and this will be his fourth Generalship. Balz brings a lot of experience to the table, a very capable mission point style player with a lead from the front command attitude.

Leading the Redwood Devils for this event we have Kevin "Harbinger" Sheil of The Moles and Trailgunners.

Harb began playing paintball in 1987 and played his first scenario in 2001 at Wayne's World and has commanded 6 times including 2010 Wayne Dollack's Grand Finale. Harb has winning in his blood with not only multiple command victories but a bevy of MVTs and MVPs with his teams The Trailgunners and The Moles. He describes his playing style at metaphysically ambiguous but it seems to be working.

Win a Free GOG G-1 Marker!

13 December 2011 - 05:28 PM

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Want to win a FREE GOG G-1 Marker? (Of course you do.)

Here is how:

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Easy Right? Once we get to 2500 "likes" or January 31st, 2012, we will tally up all the referrals and will select a winner. The more people who tag you, the more chances you get to win that brand new sexy GOG G-1.*

*Only 1 Tag per person allowed. Hopper, air tank, and sniper barrel not included.

NXe Tactical Scenario Vest - $25.00 shipped - BRAND NEW

01 August 2011 - 10:11 PM

Item: NXe Tactical Scenario Vest
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Stock front photo.

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Stock back photo.

Virtue Ion/Eyes/QEV & Shocker Boards For Sale

01 August 2011 - 09:49 PM

Item: Virtue Ion Board / Virtue Eyes / Virtue QEV
Condition: Like Brand New. Never Used. Only put in gun.
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Item: Virtue Shocker Board
Condition: Like Brand New. Never Used. Only Put In Gun.
Known Problems: None, Brand New.
Asking Price: $50.00
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What is Included: Virtue Shocker Board

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GOG Paintball at Skirmish's Invasion of Normandy

07 July 2011 - 11:00 AM

GOG Paintball is going to be at Skirmish's Invasion of Normandy. We will have markers for you to test drive and also with have products for sale.

Come out and test drive a G-1 or eNVy at the event!

We will be located at the Custom Products (CP) tent.

If you are attending, and want us to bring something you want, please post or shoot me a PM so we can bring it out to you!