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12 Gram Talk- More of a PSA for stock class phantom owners

03 January 2014 - 09:28 PM

I remember years back everyone touting that leland where the "top notch" 12 grams, typically citing that they could be dremeled open and were very clean and didn't have the "gunk" that would "go into your gun" and make it dirty or damage it potentially if you used brands like crossman, copperhead, or cobra (whatever is the walmart or dicks sporting good brand).  Also I remember people complaining of having "duds" or empty or VERY low shot fills of what we will call the "bargain brand" 12 grams.


I at the time (and still do) defend use of the walmart/dicks sporting good bargain brand.  I have never had a "bad fill" 12 gram or a dud (anything below 30 good shots- with SEVERAL seasons playing in very cold, literally subzero temperatures all the way up to 100 degree hot summer days in Ohio) and I clean my guns methodically after (and before) each time I play.  My VSC has used hundreds of bargain brand 12ies over the years and has never had the gunk once rumored on these very forums.  So essentially, first point is, don't believe the hype (if there still is any) about the bargain brand being "bad" or what ever.


Second note, More so why I am here


Very recently, over the past few weeks I bought two packs of 12 leland 12 grams from a local pro-shop while I was there getting other things.  Didn't realize they were leland until later... which from all of the hype they got as being "The best 12ies ever!" back when I would read any discussion were 12 gram efficiency came up, leland was always praised as being amazing or the best.


I have to say I have never had a worse experience.  I pop the first 12ie in, it doesn't seal at all... leaking out the bucket changer.  I inspect the bucket changer to see if maybe the seal is bad?  Well the seal was original from when I bought it, looks very worn in and beat up, so I initially think maybe something within the puncture pin assembly needs to be replaced.


I say to hell with it and try a 2nd leland 12 gram.  Seals fine, works... get about 35 shots off it, I'm happy, for 35 shots.  Pop the third one in, bad seal, leaks.  I am confused now, so I degas, try a 4th... doesn't seal.  HAS TO BE SOMETHING IN MY GUN, right? 


I call mike casady direct the following monday because coincidentally I had some other stuff I was waiting on ordering anyway.  Well, we talk a bit and he says I could actually be find without even buying anything, he explains to me how to use my own seal and have it fix the issue with where my leak is coming out of the bucket, which I decided against, I was already ordering something, so I figured I may as well just get a new puncture pin assembly.  IT HAS TO BE MY GUN RIGHT? Well, I ended up ordering an entirely new bucket changer assembly, because my stock housing (bottom of the bucket) had pretty heavy wear on the paint, and I didn't want to just get the puncture pin assembly because I don't think I have the tool to get it out of the stock puncture adapter. (Parts list https://phantomonlin.../parts-phantom/ here to see parts i'm talking about) So moral of the story I replace the entire 12 gram bucketchanger system, complete restart, brand new.


In my long talk with mike on the phone, just conversating and ordering a slew of things, He mentioned "it could be the 12 grams you are using if they are bad quality that can happen" I naively assured him it wasn't


I get my parts today, put everything on, replaced the old with the new yadda yadda.  Pop in a leland 12ie just to humor myself, I spent the money, why not check before next time I go play... I HAVE THE SAME LEAK?!?!?!?! are you kidding me? Five out of the six leland 12 grams I have used leak.  This is absolutely unacceptable.  and no, IT IS NOT THE GUNS FAULT! The parts are completely brand new, it literally CAN NOT be the gun.


I am going to head over to Wally world tomorrow to pick up a box of 5 or what ever 12 grams of the bargain brand just to check and confirm it is not the gun, and I will keep you posted on the results, but I am absolutely shocked, all the good hype I've heard, and they don't even work.  Incredible, such a waste of money.  To top it off, when I degassed the leland with the new bucket changer on, after 20 or so shots, it sprayed watery substance out, which seemed bizarre, normally if there is air left in the 12ie when I degas, there will be icey chunks of CO2 but never really a shot of water like that... strikes me as quite odd (only 1 of the 6 did that) but it was literally like a cheap squirt gun stream of water.


Anyone else ever have this issue?  it is leaking out of the bucket, not down the barrel, not out the hardline, not out of the vertical air adapter, not out of the threads between the bucket and the stock puncture adapter assembly, but out the sides of the bucket, slowly, hissing.