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~~~ Need New Players For Team!!!! ~~~

28 June 2009 - 09:50 PM

FOR ALL PLAYERS IN THE SOUTHERN MAINE NORTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE REGION! I am current looking for players for a new team out of south eastern Maine, currently there are a few players left from my old team and i want to start up another full 5 man team for the 2009 season! right now we currently have a sponsorship for Ans Gear and Dangerous Power.i am working on a sponsorship for WDP angel so if you want to join the team you must send your info ASAP! i need to fill out paperwork for them and need your information if you want to play! also if you join the team you are covered by all of the sponsorships and support we receive. if you live nearby and have good transport to practice/ play in this area send information to

my email - PBplayer1202@msn.com
my AIM - PBplayer1202
my Myspace - www.myspace.com/scoottyy
or feel free to PM me

things you should send about yourself..

Name (full)
Where you live
What marker do you shoot
How long have you been playing paintball
What sponsorships you have (if any)
How often you would be able to practice
your Email or other ways of contacting you via the internet
Any pictures of yourself playing (optional) ( most likely need for angel sponsorship)
phone number i can contact (optional)
address (not now but eventually so you can receive free gear from our sponsors)

also the current team name is East Coast Infamy but the name is changing to Wreckless Intent.

thank you for your interest and time!

Captain/Manager Team Wreckless Intent

need new trigger frame for my pmr

25 June 2009 - 09:43 PM

so i split the trigger frame on my pmr, now i need a new frame, i have been looking for UL frames for weeks now and cant find any at all, can someone please help me find one