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Life's demands stop me playing!

06 November 2011 - 09:12 PM

Not posted here, or even logged on for months!

But have to say that between A levels, starting University in September and now, I've found no time for playing. It's been ridiculous, keeping up with all the work has kept me glued to my room basically all the time.

Also, the fact that I have no money due to everything I get being spent on food within seconds of acquiring it means I don't have the money, also leaving my car at home means I can't get anywhere to play!

I've not played for nigh on 2 years! This isn't right, but unfortunately paintball just isn't viable at the minute due to the workload/ money restrictions I have on me at the moment. I don't like seeing all my equipment just sitting there, doing nothing! May even have to consider selling it all and hopefully picking it up again once I've graduated... In 2014

I'm not complaining, as obviously, getting my degree is the most important thing right now, but just needed to say that I miss paintball!