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Changing my Phantom

15 May 2013 - 12:07 PM

Hello there, yes once again I am back into paintball. Well I never left really. It was last October when it hit me that I could not get the T2 that I was hoping for just yet. So instead I was able to sell my Dangerous Power G3 and bought a CCI Phantom. What I have noticed is when I tried to get away from paintball since October was that I could not. More importantly I didn't want to get away. I love this sport and I have dreams of becoming great in this sport. I think about it when working out and it never seems to stay off my mind. But before I get there I have to take the small steps and really improve my game. I now I can become a great player I just need to get down to the solid facts and work on my game. Whether practicing around the house, to just reviewing old tactics.

One thing I have noticed about my game is that I get a certain fantasy in my head that says, "Oh you can become a great player, if you had your paintball marker this way." The last time I really played great the way I know I am capable I can remember twice. The first time was about in 2009. I was playing at my "home" field what used to be Chaos paintball. I had a Tippmann A-5 and I had the A-5 A2 kit from Special Ops on it. It had the stock on it, and it had a smooth horizontal grip it almost reminds me of a grip that you would see on a classic Thompson. I was very comfortable with this marker and I do not know what it was but I was able to make shots that I would even believe in making. Then I got this idea in my head that said, "hey let’s turn your marker into a MP5." So I did exactly just that. I put so much useless into my marker that it ended up being terrible. I remember going to a scenario at Excalibur paintball and I had way too many extra stuff on that marker that it was embarrassing literally. I remember everyone that day at the field was going over the safety rules and there was a giant group of them all together. I was busy fighting getting all my gear on with my vest, tank, remote line. I was the dude that had all the special ops camouflage on from head to toe. I go to walk up to hear the safety briefing when all the sudden my remote line spits off the end of my maker and starts literally whipping everywhere I cannot get to it, my friends dad behind me starts to unscrew the remote line from the tank, meanwhile a ref runs over rips my vest off and steps on it. The whole crowd looks back at me and man that had to have been the most embarrassing moment I have had so far in paintball.

The next time I remember playing great was the last time I played paintball it had to have been almost a year ago in June. The only marker I had was my CCI Phantom. I did ok with it when I had it in all stock class. But I did even better when I played modified stock class. I noticed that I was so worried about reloading and having so many thoughts in my head at once that it was messing with my game. I was not used to playing with 12 grams or stock class feed. I came to the realization that I should switch to the way I want to now. This will be the last upgrade. I am tired of buying a marker and instead of leaving it the exact perfect way that it is, I upgrade the heck out of it and it screws me up. I remember reading in one of my paintball magazines some advice that has held true to me and one that I will hold onto forever. The best upgrade is you. Buy field passes and paint and upgrade yourself and your game instead of useless upgrades or upgrades that you are not ready for yet.

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This is my phantom as it is currently. I am not a fan of stock class and I am perfectly fine with that. The "upgrades" I have made to it is I had a Timmy detent inserted inside, an 8 inch barrel, under cocking kit, and 12 gram changer. When I originally got the marker it had everything on it except the 12 gram changer it was a little small co2 tank fed, and regular barrel. I have also bought a joyride pack.

Now are all of these things nice. Yes, yes they are but they are not me. I want a marker that I do not have to worry when to change the 12 gram, or when to put another tube in. I do love pump though! I was able to move very quickly and make moves other people could not. I was hoping to convert my phantom to open class for two reasons. The first to get my phantom the way I would want it to be finally and just enjoy paintball. The second reason is to eventually prepare me for when I have a CCM T2.

With that being said I really have to make a change in paintball, in my game and with my gear. I have found who I want to be as a player now I just have to get down to brass tacks. I am in the days of my life right now and I am enjoying each moment of it. I want to get the player I know I can become and I feel that a way that I can do that is just to get rid of a bunch of the gear that I do not use anymore and just focus on playing paintball and practicing rather than buying the next new item. I will be putting up this week all the gear that I do not use anymore, I feel almost overwhelmed when I open my closet.

After I practice and get comfortable with my marker and gear I will start playing paintball again. At the moment it is very hard for me to play paintball since my nearest field is about 2 hours away. I am planning on doing what Greg Hastings does or what I saw off of Facebook where he had a tour of duty. He had a certain paintball event each month and then had some time off. So he had a certain amount of events. I do have big games somewhat near me and so those are what I want to go to. I am glad I have gotten away from wanting the flashy gear and I want to focus on me as a player. The gear I use I love it because it suits me. I love wearing one of those old football practice jerseys. I know I can become a great player in this game. My relatives think that I am crazy but this is honestly what I want to do. I see players like LeBron James and I know I can reach that same level of greatness that he has except in paintball. It is a matter of how bad do you want to become successful and how bad do you want it? I want to become a legend in paintball.

Pumpkin Season

06 May 2013 - 12:06 PM

Hello TechPB!

It's summer for me now and I wanted to start a project that would keep me busy as well as be fun for me. If you haven't met me then one thing that you will know about me is that I really love Halloween! I love absolutely everything about the season of fall and everything about the holiday Halloween. With that being said my family always wants to go and buy pumpkins, but lately as we have grown older my parents think we may be getting too old for pumpkins. Well I have no intention of stopping, I love this holiday and season way too much to stop. So with that being said, I am really interested in growing pumpkins. This is a first time for me so I really have no idea where to begin with growing pumpkins. I have been told to start early, the earlier the better.

I can give details on the land I will be using and everything. I was hoping that members here who have grown pumpkins before can give me advice to a beginner. I am really willing to learn and will do whatever it takes to make sure that I can have pumpkins for this upcoming Halloween season!

Thank you,


Aerosmith Work Display

25 February 2013 - 03:00 PM

I had to build a display for work that highlighted a certain product in our pet store. I was unsure what to do for the product I chose which was dog leashes. People told me to play it safe and do St. Patricks Day for the month of March or do March Madness. Well for me those would not have been that fun and not that enjoyable to build. No, I wanted to build a display that was fun regardless if I won, and also something that really was close to me. I put all my heart into this display and stayed up for three nights in a row till 2am working on it. So I chose Aerosmith! I put my own touches on the display such as the pole, or one of my favourite Aerosmith Qoutes I put it underneigth the first shelf. "Do it, Do it, Do it, you could spend your whole lifetime, you could be never more mine, under my skin.

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CCM T2 Aerosmith Project

12 June 2012 - 11:34 PM

I have been wondering if this is possible. I was at first going to get just the solid black T2. But then I realized I want to make this T2 all my own. My favorite band is Aerosmith and I want to make my future T2 show that. I want it to look different than the Frankenstein t2 however. I was wondering if this project of mine possible?

I'm going to try and get some colors the resemble Aerosmith if I can. I’m not really sure yet.

This is what I have so far:

Well I have given in to getting other colors when I order my CCM T2. I decided I would make it fun by adding colors that resemble my favorite band Aerosmith. So I am going through all their songs to find the use of colors in their songs. If you want to help me with this task please feel free!

So far I have:
Pink by Aerosmith: Pink
Drop Dead Gorgeous by Aerosmith: Orange or Green
Deuces Are Wild by Aerosmith: Brown
F.I.N.E.: Red
The Other Side: Blue
Kings And Queens" Gold

Still researching more songs...

I have gotten ideas of just leaving it black and get their logo etched on there instead.

If you want to help your more than welcome to help me find more colors. I may do songs that just have the color in them or I may do songs when something is said it reminds me of a color.

I am open to all opinions on what you think of this project and marker idea. If you have another color scheme feel free to offer or a ideaof where to organize the colors!

Open To All Ideas!

Thank You!

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08 June 2012 - 07:55 PM

Well did not end up playing today. Started off great and was pumped to go play paintball. I was a bit forgetful at first due to me forgetting all my paint and then forgetting my lunch and water. Luckily where we were playing was only 10 minutes away.

Went to my friendís house where we were playing paintball in "his" woods. So I get there and no one is there except him. It is about noon when I get there. I ask where everyone is. He says they are either working or will show up at two. So then we go inside his house and he looks at his just recently mine sold G3 IQ, 48/3000 hpa tank and dye rotor. He then notices that there is barely any air in the tank since I did not want to fill my scuba tank with it. He then says He why did you not bring your scuba tank. I tell him well I only have one scuba tank and that is mine. If I had another I would bring it and charge for air. So him and I then drive to the local scuba store get the tank filled, drive to Dunhamís get his 20oz co2 tank filled, and then do some errands for his mom. We get back to the house and his parents are there. As we are walking up to his house he then mentions, O yeah that land that we are playing on it says no trespassing. But people go there all the time so it is no big deal. No big deal are you kidding me? This is paintball what happens if we do get caught? I do not want to be in that situation at all. So we go inside and immediately his parents are mad at him. She then says matt has to go home now, he can come back later and play paintball. So I leave and go home.

My house is only 10 minutes away keep in mind so it is not too bad of a drive. I get to my house and as soon as I pull into my driveway I get a text. Hey my mom gave us targets that we can shoot at. No I do not want to shoot at targets I want to play paintball that is what I came here to do. I have not played since February. I have been practicing every day in my house to become great with my phantom. I say well text me when we are for sure having people there. So I decide well today I am still going to make this day epic anyways and begin training harder for paintball. So I run from my house to my local gym to save gas, so I run three miles there, do a full back and shoulders workout, and then run three miles back. Meanwhile during my workout I am getting text like hey why are you not here? Do you have any extra pods? Hey youíre overreacting over this safety issue in paintball. None of us have barrel bags, youíre over reacting over the chrono issue, masks do not have to be on at all times near a certain limit and there is no safety zone. You need to cool it we are just here to have fun. Well first off part of the fun for me knows that I am being safe and that everything is made clear. I do not want to be playing on someone else's land. I told him to at least inform his neighbors that we would be playing paintball in woods nearby. I thought they were his woods.

Yeah, I want to be as safe as possible, especially since there will be players there that this is their first time. When I think of outlaw ball I think of playing paintball the exact way I would play at a field except that I am not at a field. So I am going to stick to actual fields or my friendís house where I go every summer where he follows every safety rule and actually owns the woods. But now making my day epic just had a great workout, eating free subway, and then seeing Prometheus tonight with friends!