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What do i do with my gun?

13 February 2010 - 01:43 AM

Hey guys, I have a ion, Fully Upgraded with all CP products, (To get an example of it check out mikes ion upgrade show, mine looks exactly like it) So I baught it off of a guy on craigslist about a month ago Haven't played a game with it yet but i shot it in my back yard and it leaked out of the bolt, Well i know how to fix that, Lube the boly and replace the o-rings, Simple, Well i did that and afterwords, i got a different tank and i also lubed the asa o-rins too, and it fixed it. But every once and a wile when i shoot it a little air will leak out of the bolt again. And i dont know why this is but i have basically almost given up, I'm going out to play next weekend and im deciding if it happens again that weekend that im going to trade it in and get a etek 3 (BRAND NEW! Lol.) And i know that i wont have any problems with that because, cmon, Its a Eclipse product! Lol. Well anyways, I just wanted your guy's opinions on this situation and what i should do, Thanks guys!

Whats a good mask?

19 June 2009 - 05:46 PM

I was thinking about getting a e-vent but idk whats a good mask? truely... dont really care about price... so just list anything you guys like and i have kinda a big head but im about 5'4 so yeah... :P


19 June 2009 - 04:23 PM

Guys PLEASE HELP! If i can i will post a pic of me i need to loose weight so bad! I AM 13 YEARS OLD AND I FUCKING WEIGH 250 FUCKING POUNDS! And i love paintball but i dont want to be a fucking shitty back player that gets Fcuking winded from walking up one flight of stairs or going to get the fucking flag please tell me what to do!!!!!!!! I know you guys wont but dont leave mean comments plz?
K guys help me out cause i know you will! thanks! :)!!!! :rolleyes: