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Giant Paintball Lakeside/Barona

30 June 2009 - 06:52 PM

Great place! I went this past Sunday. There were exactly 10 of us playing so the games were lax and fun! Half the other team didn't speak english but it was all good. The ref was awesome as well! Unlike the other Giant Paintballs this field is BYOP and they have paint available as well. 3 of us didn't even shoot a full case of paint. 20 bucks to play and 10 bucks for all day air. They have separate 3000 and 4500 fills so you can't overfill a 3000 and there enough pressure to get your 4500 all the way full. Between games you can hang out in the parking which overlooks the motocross course. Fields are kinda small and they don't really use the speedball field because its torn to shreds. They do have a western them field that has buildings and bunkers set up through out. I bet capture the flag would be fun on it. They have a castle there as well which they play attack and defend type games on. They also have sort of an urban course as well which is really fun. The only thing is the fields are small so you can't have huge games but 5 to 7 people a team is perfect. Its also 25 minutes from my house. I give it a 9.6/10 :)