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NO ON SB 798

31 May 2011 - 12:51 AM

Print it! Sign it! Fax it! Save Paintball

We need you to post your letters quickly and we will share them with the senators and assembly members in California.You can wirte this one or rewrite and post onSave Paintball in California's wall.

I will have copies at the field with a petion this weekend ALL THREE DAYS!

You MUST be a registered voter.

No on SB 798
We, the people of this attached petition, demand that SB 798 does not go through the State Assembly. This law infringes on the rights and property of thousands of Californians. The perceived additional safety provided by this bill is a misconception, and will actually place peace offers in greater danger.

The real issue here is not the color of the bb gun, air soft gun or paintball gun, but rather the individual using it. The tragic case of the individual who was shot because he had a realistic bb gun is no different than others who have been shot, by mistake, over items as common as a cell phone. Making imitation firearms more toy-like in appearance may have the opposite effect in safety awareness among young users, their parents, or new users unfamiliar with bb, air soft and paintball guns or general gun safety.

The band-aid you are proposing will do nothing but infuriate the Citizens of this great state, force the closure of dozens California based businesses and corporations, and cause a significant decrease in state and city tax dollars. Current, unenforced laws on imitation firearms are ineffective due to the lack of gravity placed on these devices. (ie, California Penal Codes 12550-12556) SB798 will reduce the public regard for safety of these replica firearms even further.

Please regard the citizens, and law enforcement alike, of our state and withdraw SB798.

If you'd like to fill their fax machines:
Assemblyman Brian Jones 619-441-2327
Senator Joel Anderson 619-596-3140

The rest of San Diego:
Assemblyman Brian Jones 619-441-2327
Senator Joel Anderson 619-596-3140
North County Senator Mark Wyland 760-931-2477
South County Senator Juan Vargus 619-409-7688

techpb Huntington beach photographers/videographers

28 March 2011 - 07:04 PM

So out of curiosity i want to know how many of us photographers/videographers will be out there as media from Techpb?

and it seem people are starting to get denied and granted access for a media pass. some how i got mine granted after couple of days after they released the media pass app.

according to nppl chris had some email issues.

fake camera, pump gun disguised as camera at private group

22 March 2011 - 10:50 PM

i do not own this vid, i just thought this was funny!

battery grip for nikon d3100?

20 March 2011 - 03:08 AM

damn i messed up on the title, my bad fellas

do they make a battery grip for the d3100?
i would like one before nppl HB. got a media pass so ill be inside the nets, so it would be great not changing it out alot.

lmk thank :tup:

btw i did google it, nothing showed up

Techt I-fit question

09 March 2011 - 11:31 AM

Ok I was thinking about picking up a I-fit bore system and a cp 1piece barrel but what bore size would you get with the cp barrel?

I'm kinda confuesed about matching both up.

Lmk thanks!