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In Topic: Etek 4 LT vs Etek 3 AM

28 October 2012 - 02:54 AM

Yes, it's possible i broke it. However I've had it teched recently and maintained after every day out. I'm thinking it's either o-rings or solenoid. Hopefully o-rings.

Or maybe it's all those times I used it to sword fight alligators while swimming in a swamp. Jk ;)

In Topic: Etek 4 LT vs Etek 3 AM

21 October 2012 - 03:54 AM

Based on my own personal experience, buying new is a good idea. I bought a used marker two years ago for a good price, but now it's beginning to need maintenance time at the shop. There are certainly deals to be had used, and if you like to buy and sell often, maybe it's the way for you.

Personally, I buy things once and use them until they die. For this reason I plan on getting something new next time, so I know the markers history and can make it last a little longer than two years with light use. Manufacturer warranties are always nice too.

In Topic: Danijel Jagodic aka BORG takes his own life

25 August 2011 - 01:05 PM

Could we get a Sticky with a list of legit Borg helping links?

The donation, Kitty's Shirts, Armbands?

I wanna carry something that donates to the right cause and keeps Borg's memory close. He was an Icon and a nice guy; someone worth honouring in this way.

In Topic: The answer to MW3 for BF3

25 August 2011 - 12:50 PM

LoL! Classic picture. - Agreed, excellent write up!

A little known fact;

Did you guys know that the original Infinity Ward employees, the geniuses behind MW1/2, all quit?

Following the firing of the two top employees (Jason West and Vince Sampella) 38 out of 46 employees quit and joined West and Sampella at their new company "Respawn Entertainment." That means only 8 people stayed out of 46, everyone else quit!

The employees must have been pissed at Activision, since all of them left.

Anyone have expectations for MW3?... you probably shouldn't.

Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison of Black Ops vs. MW2? Anyone notice the slower game play and lesser graphics in Black Ops, especially online?

The reason is that Treyarch made Black Ops, not Infinity Ward. And even though Infinity Ward is slated to be working on MW3, I wouldn't get my hopes up. Infinity ward is not the same company. Everyone left.

Can anyone guess who's got an agreement with the previous bosses of Infinity Ward and 90% of the staff that made MW2?


Lol, Activision is so screwed. And from what I hear, their CEO is a prick.

A puppy dies every time someone defends Activision at this point. They're a joke.

Save the puppies, don't defend Activision.

In Topic: Danijel Jagodic aka BORG takes his own life

22 August 2011 - 02:28 PM

I can't believe the news.

I heard from Sticktodrum's social paintball youtube video about the terrible news about Borg. I just can't believe it. Borg really was an icon with a great sense of humour.

It's so easy for people to slip through the cracks.

I'll never forget something he wrote in one if his videos from the first living legends, after being shot in the arm.

"I was shot in the arm, I didn't call for medic, medics are for pussies."

So bad ass.

I will take this as a reminder to reach out to those around me that seem down or withdrawn. They're so easily overlooked. My next game's for you Borg!

This is a link that I find has helped through some dark times. It's called "The Ten Minutes Suicide Guide," from cracked.com