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Ghillie's Marker History

27 September 2011 - 09:57 PM

Hey guys, just showcasing a few of my gun's I've had over the years, some have pictures, some don't.

Brass Eagle Marauder (No pics)

I came into possession of this marker in a special way. I started working at a farm for a family friend when I was 7, I always watched their boys play paintball, but felt left out cause I didn't have a marker. One day my boss walked over to me as I was leaving and handed me a cardboard box. Inside I held this, an old C02 tank, an old mask and a gravity feed. This was my start.


Again, no pics. I purchased this thing when I was 10, after my Marauder started crapping out. This is where I started my "Tacticool" stage, which lasted around 6 months.

Smart Parts Vibe

Posted Image

This was my first big step towards something, I adored this gun to DEATH. It was a temperamental bitch from the start, but it shot nice when it shot.

Smart Parts Ion

Posted Image

It seems anywhere along the way, you always end up owning an Ion. I'm no exception, and here mine is.

Ego 5
Posted Image

Still have this marker...somewhere, in my house. Shot great and was reliable like all Ego's are.

Pev's Ego 6
Posted Image

In this beauts day she was a head turner, now she collects dust in someones closet I'm sure. Great shooting gun.

Smart Parts NXT Shocker

Posted Image

Shot like, well, a Shocker. Smooth, comfy and stable. As I keep going through my list, you'll come to realize I like my Shockers.

Proto SLG

Posted Image

This SLG actually shot alright. Not much to say, flipped it quickly.

03 AIM Sniper (CCM'd)

Posted Image

My old reliable. A beautiful looking and shooting marker. I wish I never sold it.

Smart Parts NXT Shocker #2

Posted Image

This is one of my 4 NXT Shockers, they all shoot unreal.

Smart Parts NXT Shocker #3

Posted Image

Shocker numba 3, shoots as good as em all.

Smart Parts NXT Shocker #4 (Bottom)

Posted Image

The last Shocker I have kicking around, nicely upped, shoots good.

2010 Alien Independence

Posted Image

This is my Alien Indy, had it for a bit, shot pretty good, just not really my cup of tea in terms of ergonomics. Though tons of people love it.

Smart Parts Dark SFT Shocker

Posted Image

This is my baby, the blood, sweat and tears marker. This thing is so heavily upped it's not even funny, love her to death.

Bob Long Rapper

Posted Image

This beaut shoots unreal, love this gat. Never ever goes down on me, which is a plus in those hectic tourneys.

So, I think that might be it for now boys, I'll add markers as I get them or find them.

Thanks for looking, Benny

Help Out A Photography Newb!

21 September 2011 - 02:47 PM

Hey guys, so I'm a 16 year old kid that loves photography. As of right now I own a POS Wal-Mart camera, I've tried my best to work with what I've got, but it's just not working.

A sample of a couple attempts (Remember I'm new with a garbage camera.)

Posted Image

Posted Image

So yeah, I'm bad. I would like to find a camera I could buy that would be easy to learn on, decently cheap, but still take nice sharp photos. I aspire to become a nature/sport photographer, as I am an avid hunter and fisherman, along with an avid hockey player and paintball player.

My budget is basically under $800-900 for everything, used is A-OK to me. I'm not a brand whore, so anything works.

Please be gentle on me fellas, I'm just trying to get started.

Thanks a ton, Benny

Meet The Shockers

28 August 2011 - 11:11 AM

Hey guys, just showing off my Shockers. These are Shockers #7, 8, 9 for me, Though I have had that Dark for awhile.

Posted Image

Annnnnnd one of my other bunnies, My Bob Long Rapper, this literally halted my gun whore-ing. I got it to shoot ever so nice and haven't wanted to trade it ever since.

Posted Image

Bob Long Rapper Question

17 April 2011 - 04:11 PM

Hey guys, so my Rapper seems to do this.

Eyes on-Ramp of some sort.
Eyes off-Uncapped semi

My dip switches are

Has a Frenzy 3.0, any ideas?

New Bob Long Rapper

15 April 2011 - 08:36 PM

Yep, traded a local newb my NXT Shocker and a steely for this thing. Blue in colour, comes with a CP 2-piece 14" and BL Assassins 12", oring kit, Kila detents...lots of goodies for sure.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image