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Paintball or airsoft?

20 September 2009 - 07:30 PM

Well here it goes. I hope this is in the right place. Anyways I'm trying to deside on what to get next a paintball marker or a airsoft gun. Heres the thing, I play airsoft a lot more than paintball. I don't own a paintball gun yet lol. The gun I might get is an Blackheart Vibe and the airsoft gun is a KWA m4 cqb. Don't get me wrong I love paintball but the thing is none of my friends paintball and paintball expensive where airsoft is a lot cheaper. Here ill list the prices for ya. B.H Vibe 224.00, 48/3000 steely 39.00, invert too 60.00, field rate 20.00, air (at some fields) 10.00, and paint 30.00 to 60.00. total that up the grand total is $413.00. Thats kinda a lot so heres airsoft. KWA m4 cqb 265.00, 9.6v battery 35.00, bbs 15.00 for 5,000, and charger 30.00 to 200.00 (I already have one), and the field (where I play free) 00.00. so the total is $345 dollars. The reason the field is free its because I play on a public lot with a hundred other guys. I like both sports and the thing is they are really the same. Both guns use air to push the projectile out the barrel and towards the target. so it really comes down to whats more practical for me. So thats what I'm trying to deside. I know I'm on a paintball fourm BTW the BEST ONE IN THE WORLD TECHPB! So there you go guys thats my problem so don't hate on airsofters in the end we are all the same and if one sport goes down we both do. Anyways thanks guys and help keep both our sports alive.


Blackheart vibe!

12 July 2009 - 06:49 PM

Hey guys!

I know I already posted this in budget ballers so... I'm gonna buy a blackheart vibe in a week or two and I was wondering which is a better place to buy from? Straight from Smart parts like Mike said or buy it off of Ansgear?

Thanks guys!


Blackheart vibe!

11 July 2009 - 10:31 PM

Hey guys! I was just wondering I'm gonna buy a blackheart vibe but, should I buy it straight from smart parts or ansgear?

Maybe Mike could help me.