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Combat 2 Ego 11 F/S/T

19 August 2013 - 12:29 AM

Marker is pending on MCB


Hello everyone.


Today I'm looking to sell/trade an Ego 11 I recently picked up the other week. It is in immaculate condition with only having a few specs on the bottom of the ASA and the reg (Both pictured). While I haven't been active on TechPB in a very long time, I am a paid member over on MCB (I diverted my focus from here to there), and I have a fair amount of feedback there. While that is a different site, I am willing to negotiate everything with whoever is interested since I only have a single feedback if I recall correctly here.


EDIT: TechPB Feedback Thread


Marker: Combat 2 Ego 11
Condition: 9/10 Only marks on bottom of reg and ASA (Both pictured)
Color: Combat 2 - OD green and tan
Upgrades: Pooty Cure 3 bolt
Known Problems: None. Well taken care of, and retains a +/- 4-5fps
Asking Price: $700 (Mostly looking for trades, so the price is rather high)
Shipping Options: USPS Flat rate box (UPS if I absolutely have to. They've caused me to loose several hundred dollars in losing one of my items, so I will only use the in a bind)

Trades of interest: Spoolies

- MacDev markers

- Luxes

- DM12s (Depending on color scheme/condition may have to add as much as $50 since their resale is usually falls faster than Egos)

- DM10+

- Vanguard Demons

- G6Rs w/ SLP

- No Axes or lower end markers

- Offer up

Location of item: Texas (77365). Will be moving back to university in a week, but the item will be located in Waco, Tx then.
What is Included:

- Combat 2 Ego 11 (stock Shaft 4 .689 barrel)
- Planet Eclipse Case (Exterior is beat to Hell from previous owner, but it protects the marker as perfect as ever)
- Comprehensive spares kit (All items pictured)
- Pooty Cure 3 and stock bolt
- A small amount of PE marker oil
- Manual
- Extra battery (Probably close to dead)
- Full PE Allen wrench set (Not pictured)