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milling a pm5?

05 March 2009 - 03:46 PM

ok so i have my proto pm5 and im looking to get it milled and annoed.it dosent nesesarrily have to be done by all the same people. What company do you guyys recomended? Also how should i have it milled i was thinking like a pm6 style

my "new" rainmaker

01 February 2009 - 02:02 PM

so in the mail from a deal on "the other forum" is my new rainmaker.the guy claims that its been shot at only one occasion and thatit is so original that it still has all the stickers and the original box.even the recept from the proshop he bought it from.
Posted Image
Posted Image
this is from the first year but i dont know the exact date.anyone know?

my minimag

01 February 2009 - 12:19 PM

i have a all original minimag and it leaks down the barrel and where the two parts of the valve meet.what is the problem?

Interesting reball efficency test

26 January 2009 - 07:50 PM

Me and 3 or four people are planning on doing a few tests. These include reballs vs. regular paint with a 08 ego,two ions (custom & stock),a mini mag,rainmaker,impulse,invert mini,a couple pumps and some other older guns .on top using halos,a magna and revvys. as well we are dong efficency tests on all.any recomendations.and bore sizing.this is all to see if spool valves or popits are better with reballs and which is better with paint also we will play with dwell and cleening the reballs.it will all be on my youtube channel.
Thank you very much for reading my message,
Oliver Deem

SLG Owners Group

23 November 2008 - 07:04 PM

Welcome to the SLG Owners Group, this is a group for anyone with a SLG. In order to get into the group you must either post a picture of your gun with your name next to it or post three pictures of your gun. You must stay active within the group or you will be removed. The first two members will become council members. Represent the group and put a link to us in your sig.We also need a banner for all you photoshop pros it would be great!

Council Members:
The Paintball Player Me


Please allow 1-24 hours to be added to the list!