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02 October 2008 - 09:19 PM

"We needed a place for us. A place for us to really call home. A place about the people and for the people. A place that stands for what we strive for which is the hard work and dedication to something we love. It gives us life. It gives us freedom of expression. It gives us a chance to be who we are and an opportunity to reach for something greater. It allows us to be free. I don't mean the net's, the pole's, the turf, and the bunker's. But a place where just the players could gather. The player's are the park"

RAZA park is a proffesional level paintball park. No other park in California can compare to their high quality turf, bunkers, service, and generosity. Home to team's such as Dynasty, SD Aftermath, and Island Breed. RAZA is the place to play if your serious about paintball.


1)Take I-5 SOUTH or I-15 SOUTH and EXIT onto CA-78 EAST.
2)CA-78 EAST becomes LINCOLN AVE.
3)Continue east on LINCOLN till it dead ends at CITRUS.
6)NEXT light turn RIGHT onto LAKE WOHLFORD ROAD and about 2.2 miles to MR. PAINTBALL USA field, the entrace is on the left.

1)Take I-15 NORTH and exit onto VIA RANCHO PKWY.
2)Turn RIGHT (EAST) and continue for about 7.5 miles to LAKE WOHLFORD ROAD.
3)Turn right onto LAE WOHLFORD ROAD and continue about 2.2 miles to MR. PAINTBALL USA field, the entrace is on the left.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via pm or post up.




30 September 2008 - 12:31 AM

Hey, I just thought this would be a good idea because people who are new to TECH PB don't know all the abbreviations, I know I don't have all of them yet, I just came up with this list in 5 mins. If you have any to add, post it. I'll add it to the main list. If you see a mistake on it please let me know.

I have Paintball related terms, and just terms that people use alot.

Well here it is:
1337 - a language comprised of numbers and symbols
05,04,ect.. - the year the gun was made
2k5,2k4,ect.. - also the year the gun was made
AGG - word for cool, or awesome
ASAP - As soon as Possible
BNIB - Brand new in box
Board - the electronic circuitboard in a gun
Cocker - autococker, type of marker
DM - Dye Matrix
F/S - For sale
F/T - For trade
F/S/T - For sale, or for trade
Flaming - consists of excessive insults of an offensive nature.
FTW - For the win/fight the walrus
GTFO - Get The **** Out
IMO/IMHO - In My Opinion/In My Honest Opinion
IMP - Impulse
Lowball - to make an offer on an item that is way too low
LNIB - Like new in box
LMK - let me know
LOL - Laughing out loud(or Lawl)
Mag - automag,type of marker
MO-Money Order
Mod/moderator - someone who patrols the forums,or modification to a gun
Sticky - a post that moderators have considered very important, they will be at the top of the first page in a forum IE: This thread.
NIB - New in box
Noid - soleniod
NTY - No thank you
OBO - or best offer
Paypal - website used to pay for items
PbR - PbReview.com - a website with reviews on almost any paintball related product
PM - Proto Matrix, or Private Message
QFT - Quoted for truth
Reball - reusable paintballs used for practicing
Reg - Regulator
Sig - signature
Shens - (shenanigans) meaning not true, most people say "pics or shens" meaning "give us pics or we wont think its true"
SFT - Seal Forward Technology- used in shockers
SP - Smart Parts
sp? - means a person doen't know how to spell something
Stock - the gun comes without upgrades
Stock class - pump guns using 12grams and 10 round tubes
UL -UltraLight- this could be a barrel, or a trigger frame, both made by dye.
TL;DR - Too long; didn't read
Trix - Matrix
Timmy - Bob Long Intimadator
Up'ed -The gun comes with upgrades
Ups - ups put your post at the top of the list, right below stickes, this is done so more people see a certain post
Volly -Volumizer
WTB - Want to buy
WTT - Want to trade

I'll keep this updated as much as possible.