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SP1/G1/Envy/Vibe Bolt Sleeve Assembly(Part #ENV104/VIB104)

06 May 2014 - 12:58 PM

Looking to purchase the Back Cap / Bolt Sleeve Assembly for the SP1/G1/Vibe/Envy. Somehow I managed to over-tighten the back banjo on both my sp1s to the point where I shredded through the bolt cap and tore a chunk of metal off the back caps that holds the back o-rings on.

Called up GOG, and told me they have discontinued the G1 and Envy, and no longer carry the part # ENV104.

They suggested I order part #XTC104 and have it machined or dremel it shorter to still fit a stock on the marker.

Before I go through all that work, wanted to see if anyone had this part available. I am looking for 2 of these.

I can buy the XTC104 for $20, so I won't pay anymore than that for a used part.

WTB SP1 Body

24 February 2014 - 01:42 PM

I am looking for a stock sp1 body. I don't need the breech, grip frame, reg, or anything else. Just the body. Looking to make a DAM magfed Sp1 and want a second body to work with. Hoping someone bought a sp1 to g1 conversion and has the original body sitting around collecting dust. Thanks.