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In Topic: Mag Fed sp1 with DAM magazines

31 May 2013 - 03:49 AM

Excellent work. Keep it up.

Blackrain :)

In Topic: college and where to put paintball stuff

04 August 2012 - 06:40 PM

Collage sounds like it's run by a Pac of NAZI. Just join the Navy if you want to be treated like a kid.

Find a local storage place near buy. Put up a peg board and hang up all your gear in it. Then you can go to it anytime you want. Put in a small bech, that way you have a place to work on. Personally I would put it under my bed with a lock on it and call it good. However there is always that one snitch.

If you do decide to store your gear in your room, don't advertise it. Just change at the field.


In Topic: I'm new to scenario!

04 August 2012 - 06:17 PM

Here are the list I use. Start from the bottom on this one and end at the top. It's called backwards planning:

start game

arrive at field

eat breakfast

up early

sleep early

eat dinner

check out field



make sure Garmin/Tom Tom is working and updated

pack car

prep/pack gear (See List)

prep guns

Time off work/school

Packing list:

Ice chest with drinks
Spare guns
Extra lenses (optional)
Extra clothes
Place to sleep comfortable
Extra HPA/CO2 tanks
Pre Reg paper work
Paint (amount depends on the individual)
Baby Wipes
Comfortable ankle supported boots/cleats
Loose clothing to keep blood flowing (Gangsta loose wear I wouldn’t advise)


Paper towels

No fog



Batteries 9v AA

Micro fiber towels

Electrical tape

Duct tape


Tent (large enough to fit all of this stuff)

Air matt (nice padded is good after a day of play)
Blower (for air matt) (And batteries!)
Sleeping bag (multiple) (depending how cold)

Blackrain :)

In Topic: Proto Primo: good or bad

22 July 2012 - 03:52 PM


Posted Image

So this hopper is all the RAVE amongst the Gravity feed crowd. So today I decided to give this hopper a work out and compare it to the Achron/Tacoma gravity hopper of similar style.

Posted Image

So this isn't a new idea,it's actually been out a few yrs. However internally it is different. DYE has taken it to a different level.

Today (11 Apr. 2010) I used my DYE PROTO PRIMO and Archon/Tacoma gravity hopper on my Air Challenger MG7 PLUS and WGP Autococker with Hittmann tight bore barrel.

Posted Image

Now to be honest I had to see what all the hype was. At $25.00 shipped I took the chance. However the Archon's were much cheaper at $9.00 shipped.

My first impression of the Primo.

It was very smooth and Egg shaped. The lid was a flip up style and clear. The shell seems very solid. It seemed to be at a perfect angle for feeding paintballs. It started off large at top and tappered down to a smaller bottom.

Upon looking inside I noticed that the ramp feed hole was split in two by a point. This interested me,so I had to look closer. So break out the phillips and open it up for all to see.

Posted Image

L/R halfs of shell:
Not how the ramp sits in the shell,using pre molded groove.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Upper ramp:

This is the portion the balls roll down and enter both the top and lower ramp feed holes. Note how the center is sunk in and both sides are slightly angled. The ramp is also bowed with tiny dibits on upper and lower side.

Posted Image

Ball Guide/splitter/guide:

So look at this as if it were a sports stadium entrance way and each ARCH is what controls ball traffic to go down a different hallway. Guiding it to the feed hole and keeping all traffic separated to not congest the feed hole. The popcoen effect is what disrupts the balls and helps feed the round. However there is always a congestion,always one idiot in the crowd :ROTFL:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Now let's look inside the Archon/Tacoma Hopper:

So take out the screw driver once again and take it apart.

Posted Image

Both halfs:

Notice how the ramp is not removeable and slopes down on both upper ends and is rounded on lower. Basically the balls are suppose to bump into each other and the back blow is suppose to create a popcorn effect freeing up the balls so that they are able to feed with out jamming. Yep like I mentioned before,there is always that one idiot in the crowd that wants do do things their way.

Posted Image

Posted Image

I decided to use the DYE Primo first. Figured I have a low end gun and I'm suppose to be a rec player today and have a good time with a birthday party that was going one. So I load up a hopper and off to the chrono station. So I chrono in and decide to shoot a hopper full. It shot excellenct till my first jam (I was not using eyes). Gave it a little shake,few rounds shot then the first break. Okay clean the barrel and use eyes. Well I still had to shake the hopper while rapid fire. When I shot on both modes,single shot,I didnot have a break.
I played a few games with the Primo,and to be honest I was very happy with it. To me, it wasn't like every other gravity feed hopper,it fed balls 100% better. To me it was very dependable. When it was feeding,it was dependable under fire. When it broke one in the breech,it would keep feeding. Can I blame the hopper? No not really. I can't even blame the gun,because I used it on my Auto Cocker with the same results.
Now I could have blamed the paint,but it was round and fresh. I was using Draxxus. Even the old stuff I used shot well till I broke one in the breech.
If you look at the many YOUTUBE videos,you'll notice players with the same results of ball breaks. But a little shake and your back in action.

As a long time player of this sport (22 yrs) I give this product an 9 out of 10. For it's excellent price and innovation. It's bought something new to paintball that isn't a piece of over priced junk. DYE has taken an old idea and given it new life and a fresh start.

As a rec player that was shooting what many consider a low end gun,I give this item a 10. Reason being it's a MUCH BETTER alternative to other hoppers that fall into the shake and bake catagory. Less clog and more feed. This means that the rec player will have less jams and more playing time,instead of shaking that over filled hopper:ROTFL:

By the way I did over fill this hopper and it worked as it would have 1/2 filled. The ramp does work and so does/do the feed port(s).

I really hope that DYE decides to make a smaller 50-100 round version. This will be a great open class hopper for Pump play. Even if the present version is used,I see this hopper having a great following in pump play.

So on with the Archon/Tacoma Hopper review:

As you can see from the pictures,It's not the same as the DYE Primo. However it worked the same. It's very bulky,but looking from a rec players point of view,it works better than your normal shake and back. I used this hopper on my Autococker and got the same results as the DYE Primo. Every so often I would have a breech break. It wasn't due to short stroke either. Although I didn't use this hopper on my MG7 PLUS during play,I did shoot over 300 rounds thru my MG7 into the woods at my home. I still got breaks.

As far as feed results,they compared even with the DYE hopper. Only difference is price and size. Even over filled,it worked very well.

As a rec player I would give this a 10 also. For the price you just can't beat it. Reliability is excellent for a shake and bake hopper. This would be an excellent hopper on rental guns for any field that uses a gravity hopper. Once again,reliable feed and more time playing for the weekend rec player.

For final results,I did use an Electronic hopper on both guns I used for testing. Never had a break in either breech or barrel. I would reccommend either of these hoppers to rec players and anyone who would want to play with a gravity hopper. Both are excellent and priced for your style of play or budget.

Either is a good hopper if your battery dies and you can't get a new one in your hopper. Some players prefer sleek over bulky,me,it doesn't matter. I'll shoot both. Once again these are just my opinions and opinions vary from player to player. So take this info for what it's worth and you make the decision of which to use.


In Topic: Scenario vests

29 June 2012 - 08:03 PM

MALICE clips are your best friend :)


Blackrain :)