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In Topic: Paintball Sniper Discussion Thread

10 May 2010 - 09:10 AM

On the issue of "well, let's not relate it to a military sniper but instead call it a paintball sniper"........if those are the rules then I'm a "paintball ballistic submarine" because I sit on my duff in the parking lot and lob paint over the trees while eating a sandwich on my tailgate. Again, I want to distinguish I'm not an actual ballistic submarine or anything even close to that....I'm a "paintball" submarine.

Long live the SUBMARINES.....Run Silent, Run Deep!!

Seriously though, we have "paintball" tanks that are golf carts. Nobody seems to get upset about it by claiming it isn't a real tank. Same goes with the surgical tubing and clothespin contraption we call a grenade. I know he's not a real sniper, you know he's not a real sniper, he can call himself whatever he wants.

Perfect! LOL!

Now, someone brought up the relation between standard Infantry weapons and SWSs (Sniper Weapon Systems) vs. Standard .68cal and First Strike rounds. Good comparison when you consider scale!

As a Scout/Sniper team leader during OIF I, we did more intel gathering than anything else and any Military Sniper will tell you that is 80-90% of the job. Example: I worked with some Paintball Snipers at D-day a number of years ago when I was running with the "Ranger" unit. They went in early with Gillie Suits, got eyes on the objective (Radar station) and started reporting bodies on the objective, disposition, and even describing who the leaders were! As we got into our attack positions, they used thier Flatlines to start taking out the leaders and harrasing those on the OBJ. The bad guys adjusted thier perimeter to the two sides of the OBJ our Snipers were on and then we attacked the weakened sides. Lasted about 3 min from when we started the assault. THAT is a Sniper! The ranges may not be 1000yrds, but brought down to .68cal scale and mission accomplishment, they damn sure filled that role!

In Topic: Tiberius Arms First Strike - Safety Test - Part 2

24 July 2009 - 03:43 PM

I do not know if anyone has this equipment, but what about about shooting the FS and PB rounds against one of those pads that measures Feet Per Square Inch(FPSI) of pressure? Like they use to measure force on Deadliest Warrior. If I am not mistaken, (I probably am) paintballs are SUPPOSED to be limited in weight by ASTM standards so they do not exceed a certain FPSI at a standard range at 300fps. I am sure that there is an established and agreed upon FPSI that skin sustains damage. We would then have a quantitative test.

(BTW...this is my first post here, but I am by no means a noob. I have been playing since 1988 and am currently the coach of the United States Military Academy at West Point Paintball Club)