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In Topic: Anyone care to give a little info on the thumper?

17 August 2012 - 09:52 PM

I've had both a fun time and problems with mine. Broke down the second time I played with it (piston bent), contacted Metadyne and they sent me a V2 piston. Now it has worked fine ever since with the exception of the piston cap having to be re-tightened one time. As I've said in a Thumper thread before, get the Thumper as a fun, different gun. Get a Phantom if you want a workhorse that will never fail you.

In Topic: Who else thinks that this would be awesome?

29 July 2012 - 08:25 AM

Close enough?

In Topic: Minnesota Ballers Club V2

25 July 2012 - 07:09 PM

I'll try, it's $45 for entry right? I hope you'd have evil for me... :P

$30 pre-reg, walk on is $40 for just Sunday and $45 for Saturday night and Sunday. And yep, we'll have Evil.

For their first big game Vintage did a pretty good job in my opinion. There are things that need to be tweaked obviously... The field ended up being almost a little big at times for the amount of people that were there. It played like a diamond, with the spawns at either end, so when everybody was spread out at the widest part of the field, the teams got pretty thinly spread. It seemed to me like there wasn't that much drive in the players either, just wasn't much excitement. Same from the reffs, although it's kind of understandable, since they had a whole day to ref not that many people, but they still weren't up in the action all that much when there was some. I was also very disappointed with the sportsmanship from the Russian general, (Skibba or whatever from Akkadians) he was off the field and changed by like 4 o'clock, when he still had guys out there fighting, and basically gave up on the game like half way through...

And I wish I could do DDay at Combat, I friggin love that game every year I go, but I'm going to my cousin's wedding that weekend so I can't Posted Image

Just looking at their original promo poster I thought they were probably expecting a little too much for their first big game (like the claim "hundreds of players" :rolleyes: )
I like their field (especially the dirt mounds), but it just seems really open for a big game; I like to be somewhat sneaky, and that is kinda hard when the field is fairly small and pretty open. Were the teams pretty balanced or were there some issues? The last big game I went to (Robin Hood at MN Pro) I thought the teams were a little unbalanced. Most of the actual teams seemed to be on one side and it was evident by our spawn being overun several times throughout the day. At one point they had a terminator (with a shield) right in our spawn (which was in a pretty much open field).

Too bad about Omaha Beach, I'm pumped to be able to play it again. Hopefully bring the whole crew that we got together for the Robin Hood game out at Omaha as well.

In Topic: Minnesota Ballers Club V2

25 July 2012 - 06:27 PM

You guys talking about Vintage? How did that go? I thought about going, but ended up having something else going on. Personally I think their field is a little smallish right now to host a big game (although I think they have put up quite a few more buildings in what used to be open field last time I was there).

Anyone coming to Omaha Beach at Combat this year? I know several of you guys came last year. It's August 11th and 12th, and I'm almost positive that I'll get to play this year instead of work! :lol:

In Topic: Thoughts On Mag-Fed?

23 July 2012 - 11:09 PM

I've absolutely loved it the several times I've used them. I originally pre-ordered a Tacamo kit for my Project Salvo and have since picked up another for a Phenom and a third for an A5. Not going to lie, it does have some issues yet; mags are hard on paint and someimes it's hard to find paint that has a thick enough shell to not break in the mag/breach and yet still breaks on the people you shoot at.

Any kind of limited paint/limited firepower is a good thing, IMO.