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In Topic: The Smart Parts owner club, Smarting Your Parts since the 1990's!

09 August 2012 - 01:27 PM

Here is my SP1 with Freak/Apex Tip.... I love this thing.

In Topic: The Smart Parts owner club, Smarting Your Parts since the 1990's!

09 August 2012 - 01:18 PM

SP1 all day

In Topic: etek 4 video

28 May 2012 - 02:02 PM

wow they changed almost nothing

its the etek 3.1

How do you figure? They changed the ASA and swivel on the reg. Cosmetic but still a change. They added the SL3 reg; better consistency and efficiency. They added the zick 2; better shot (slightly less "kick"). Gave it a Shaft 4 barrel.
Sounds like enough changes to me.

Do you think these changes are worth paying the price for an Etek4 or do you think I should just get an etek3 with the price drop? ... I have the money for either or....just wanted your opinion. thanks in advance.

In Topic: etek 4 video

28 May 2012 - 01:59 PM

Ok, that's it. People are fucking stupid.
What's an Etek? Well, it's an older Ego platform that uses older parts. Every now and then they put a few features down from the Ego. The Etek 4 is exactly like it should be. Developing new technology on the Etek would defeat the whole purpose of the gun. Expecting top of the line performance with all new looks and technology on the Etek, is like buying a $10 phone and complain it's not the new iPhone. <_<

Next person who complains that "It's the same gun" and what not will die a horrible death by the hand of this chicken.
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Great comment man! ....

i must admit, at first when I saw the Promo video for it. I said the exact same things some of the other people were saying about the Etek4... but I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to paintball and I logged on to techpb first thing to get some more insight into the Etek4 ...

your comment really opened me up to the Etek4.... at first I was just gonna get an Etek3 since the priced dropped a little... but given the moderate changes... this MAY be worth the extra 50 bucks or so i would save buying the etek 3.

In Topic: Invert Halo Too

13 April 2012 - 09:34 PM

Yeah I think we're talking about the same thing. The side that sticks out is the back side of the ramp right? The side with the board. I think it's just part of the ramp, havent had a problem with it.

If you put your finger into the inner blue feedneck, you will feel it/see it on the same side the batteries are found... im not sure if that makes sense or not ? :D

Exactly!! Lol, I think it's just part of it. I havent had any problems with mine.

Edit: Took out most the quotes

whew! ... Thanks alot for your help! ... I'm glad to hear that.... If the black shell breaks on me again, I may just save and invest to get one of the big boys (nokio or something else)