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Stolen DYE NT Black/Gold Collector's Edition

29 August 2010 - 11:09 AM

A DYE NT Black/Gold Collector's Edition was stolen from CC Paintball in Corona,CA.

Looky here: http://www.pbnation....d.php?t=3453994

Team Logo Wanted Please :)

20 August 2010 - 09:26 AM

Hey, just wondering if anyone could make me a Team logo, best one will be rewarded somehow, I'm not sure what I'll give yet.

Things I want, the letters T.C. in the logo, the line ' One Man Army... ' below it and ofcourse cool background art :)


P.S. If you could make it somewhat funny that would be great, T.C. standing for Topless Chavs :P. I don't mind if you put the letters T.C. on the logo but I would prefer if you put the whole Topless Chavs on the logo. If you can't make it funny then It would be nice if it was really cool :).

Thanks again.