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30 July 2010 - 02:36 PM

lutzreblez17 custom mask painting | custom i4s and flex for sale

pl0x and thx

SiiCK custom mask painting!

27 July 2010 - 04:18 PM

whats this all about?
hello there.
i have a few people coming to me asking if i could paint there mask like i did to mine.
so i though i should post a thread and see if people are interested.

how it will work!
we will talk about what you want done and a price.
you will then ship me you mask with just the part you want painted.
depending on the mask for example axis pros you will just send the frames.
i will work on them and have them sent back with quick turn around time.
you pay to ship to me i pay for shipping on the way back!


do you take trades?
sure offer up.

some of my work!
Posted Image
Posted Image

do i have any for sale?
cotton candy flex tops- $20 paypal or MO
Posted Image

custom painted i4s

26 July 2010 - 07:03 PM

well as u can see i painted my i4s. pics are crap i took them fast just because cuz i wanted to show everyone
if u guys want your mask done i guess we can talk.
Posted Image

MORE PICS they look difernet because of the lighting and saturation

Posted Image
Posted Image

i play at Blitz Krieg (WHERE MIKE PLAYS) check out my youtube

25 July 2010 - 09:08 PM

well as the title states i play at the same field as mike and since everyone on here thinks hes a god :lol:lol
i thought i would let you know. im out there as much as i can video taping and taking pics. i work with alot of popular people on youtube including kingkongpb, center50films, propaintball.com
i think my videos are good along with my photography. also im good at editing and animation so i put some good mixes of the teams practicing at Blitz Krieg.
if you guys like some nice videos and stuff you should check out my youtube channel. i got a decent amount of videos up including alot of high end guns shooting. let me know what you think of my videos.

here is my youtube channel http://www.youtube.c...er/lutzreblez17 Feel free to sub! <3

!!!!constructive criticism !!!!!!;)

ps. lazy people i will help you out, here are some videos i think i did a nice job in.


Southeast ballers club V1

21 October 2009 - 08:47 PM


╬ in this club we will discuses things going on in the south east states, we will talk about paintball and non paintball related stuff to.

╬ Any posting of B/S/T for the purpose of trying to sell something in here CAN result in the thread being closed if this happens because of you, you will be kicked from the club and lose connections with this club. SO PLEASE TAKE ALL B/S/T TO THE PM'S!

There is NOT a member cap! upon submitting your app (NAME FIRST LAST AND WHAT STATE YOU LIVE IN, PIC OF YOU PLAYING ) to me "lutzreblez17" All CMs and Founders will vote to see if you can join!

╬ Outside members are allowed to come in and associate with the club as long as they do not get outta control, respect and post on topic, to see if this club is a club they would like to join. As well they will not become a member until they have an official app, that has been approved and voted on, as well a good pbn rep, and are cool w the south east ballers club.

╬ Follow all of the PBTalk/Clubs rules.

╬Only Myself, Co-Founder and approved Council members will be allowed to reinvent the thread for a new one to begin!╬

Procedure for Application
* To become a club member you must post to me

Your day to day responsibilities for posting:
* You also must actively post on a day to day basis, (meaning 2-3 post per day or every other day or equal a total of a minimum 15 post per thread whatever is necessary) By doing so, you get to know your fellow club members and to remain a active member on the list, as well you will be required to represent the club by using the banners in all BST gun threads, and posting a link to the club in signature, if you cannot do this then move on to the next club, the posting rule will be strongly enforce to 15 post per thread now, by myself, co-founder and or the cms if
you did not meet posting requirements you may lose membership as well benifits to the club......you may reapply at any time on which you will be on a monitered propabtion post period.


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