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World of Goo

15 October 2009 - 07:50 AM

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How these guys are pulling this off , i don't know .

You can now get this really fun and addictive game for whatever you think it's worth .

If you only have $10 , you can have it .

Only have $5 left ? You can still have it .

Even for those poor bastards who don't even have $5 , a measly 1 cent will let you buy this game .

{ You need to have PayPal for this }


Even though it's perfectly possible to buy this game for 1 cent , at least try to give like $5 or so .

It's totally worth it .

Check it out :

World of Goo

MacDev Clone released !

29 September 2009 - 04:02 AM

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MacDev's lightest marker yet .

The all new MacDev Clone has liquid 3D milling that is reminiscent of the original Droid design, however it has been updated with smoother lines and tighter shaping around internal components. This results in a much lighter and sleeker looking marker, the end result being 13% lighter than the 2007 model Droid.

The new Clone weighs in at only 880g/1.94lbs with 14" barrel and battery.

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A new step forward in spool valve technology

In 2007 MacDev released the Droid and set a new standard by delivering a spool valve marker that was both fast and efficient. Now the MacDev Clone takes those features one step further. The Clone drivetrain features a massive 425% increase in valve flow, and the use of new size o-rings to reduce friction drag by more than 60%. The new drivetrain is also 12% shorter, making it lighter and also shortening flow paths for more efficient air delivery.

As if that wasn't enough, the drivetrain is removable and rebuildable without the use of tools - simply unscrew the back cap and the entire drivetrain comes out in one piece.

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RX2 Gladiator: More stable & reliable than ever

Powering the Clone is the next generation RX2 Gladiator regulator. The RX2 boasts the highest flow, and fastest recharge available to date. It also has easier maintenance with the new spring system replacing the old stack.

In addition to the filter technology pioneered in the Cyborg RX, the RX2 Gladiator now has internal dirt avoidance countermeasures by means of positioning the piston seat in a way that will keep debris away from delicate parts. This is the only regulator that protects itself so that debris cannot damage the internals, causing unsafe pressure levels inside your marker.

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RX Frame

The Clone builds on the success of the Cyborg RX by offering the same thin grip frame, molded grips and rear button pad. Included is the RX board with OLED, USB port and a variety of modes, user-programmable profiles and more.

The trigger pivot point has been moved forward to make it easier to shoot fast, with a new trigger with improved ergonomic shape. The Clone's grip frame is still compatible with Cyborg RX triggers also.

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The most efficient spool valve marker

The MacDev Droid was the first spool valve gun to bring efficiency to a new level, being the most efficient spool valve gun ever since its release. The Clone continues the trend of being the most efficient spool valve marker offering 1,700+ shots from a 68/45 tank @ 290fps.

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Pre order the Clone for $US1199 (MSRP $1250)

MacDev Clone

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Bob Long shoots 17 pods with his Victory !

27 September 2009 - 05:20 AM

Once again Bob amazes the paintball world .

Here he's shooting his Victory with Proficiency Engine , upgraded with the new Supercharger Kit .

This is what Terry from BLAST had to say about it :

The Victory SC kit has new design improvements built into the new bolt , ram/hammer , blastguide/valve and seal/donut will provide better reliability , adjust-ability and consistency with side benefits in even better efficiency and speed.
The bolt is reconfigured with a stronger , thicker ram socket and reconfigured to a heavier style cut.

The hammer is now made of S7 Steel , one of the highest grade steel with much improved strength characteristics over the previous 6160 Stainless Steel .
The bolt socket interface has been beefed up significantly with tapered connections for easier dismount.

The blastguide/valve has been re-worked , with it's unmistakable red ano finish , the new valve has improved flow characteristics to increase the adjustment bandwidth of velocity .
The brown Delrin valve seal/donut is a replacement that is less affected by environmental conditions than has been experienced with Teflon .

These components have been included with Victories built by the BLAST factory for the last 2 weeks.
They can be retro fitted to prior existing Victories for our cost price along with shipping and handling fees , provided the owner can show proof of purchase from one of our vendors or factory order. Your Victory has to been sent in for modifications to the rear engine assembly to complete the package. These components have to be changed out as a set , they do not interchange with earlier generation
bolt , hammer and valve assemblies.

They can also be retro-fitted to earlier PE equipped Marq's , with different pricing depending on whether opting for a new blastguide/valve or modified PE valve.
For pricing and any other questions call the shop at (209) 293-4440 .

On to the good stuff :


Shooting an insane 17 pods off a 4100 PSI hot filled 68ci .


I hope DYE and Planet Eclipse are finally going to pay attention to this and start getting off their asses and start making innovative ideas and changes of their own instead of bringing out the same old boring stuff over and over again .

:tup: :tup: :tup: to Bob Long for continuing to be the BAMF of paintball !!!!

Online Bob Long store

04 September 2009 - 01:57 PM

I'm always looking around for Bob Long stuff , and just now i came across this online store .

I've never seen it before and i can't figure out if it's legit or not .

It looks like the real deal , but when i click on any of the top buttons i get an error , and nothing shows up when i place something in my cart .

Anyone else wanna take a look at it ?


Valken Paintball Product Line 2009

31 August 2009 - 01:20 PM

Here's a couple of pics from Valken that probably will be released in the next couple of weeks .

They have really cool designs and these pics look great , but the others pics are in blue and look pretty fugly to me .

Pics were taken from Paintball Uprising .

Have a look for yourself :


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