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What is the difference in the LP tanks and a HP tank?

04 August 2009 - 03:03 PM

im kinda new to paintball and got all the gear apart from a tank. thing i was wondering was what is the difference between them both and do u have to get a specific tank type for the type of gun. i have got a PMR

Sizes for Dye C9 Knee pads

24 July 2009 - 06:08 AM

i decided to save up for the dye C9 knee pads but im not sure on size. Im about 5'8 about 130 pounds? if somebody is about the same size and weight can you recomend a size :)

Knee Pads any recomendations?

23 July 2009 - 03:02 PM

was looking at the dye C9 which i like anything else?

Torque hopper need help

20 July 2009 - 03:23 PM

Not sure if my torque hopper is working, because when i press the on button its spins ok. But when u put your finger on the spinner it justs keeps spinning and doesnt stop. can someone please help me

Do UL frame triggers fit stock pmr?

15 July 2009 - 12:29 PM

I was wondering if the cp critical trigger for the pmr ul fits the stock frame of a PMR L.E


ok then im confused how has this guy got it on the same frame that i have?