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A1 Fly LPR gauge tool

14 June 2009 - 01:04 PM

Just sold my EGO9 and picked up a new Angel A1fly, I also bought an adjustable Ninja tank reg and set the output with removal of shims to around 450ish +/-25psi

The nearest Angel tech is about 2 hours away and I really dont want to drive there if it is something I can do myself. I am willing to buy the gauge tool but I cannot find anything so far on a DIY on how to set up the pressure using the gauge and shims etc.

Does anyone know any sites or dIY threads that explain how to tune the gun LPR to the tank reg with the gauge tool?
I just want to make sure I don't screw the gun up before my first tourny next week.


EGO9 blowing Orings

26 February 2009 - 12:08 PM

Long story short, got this EGO9 about 2 months ago... Been using it every week 2x a week during training. After about the 4th pratice I noticed a airleak .. Took the gun apart and discovered that the front rammer bumper oring completely exploded. I thought this was just a freak thing, maybe not enough lube from the factory or whateva... Changed the oring and went back to playing.

Then last week I noticed that the gun was making this crazy cracking sound every time the trigger was pulled, EGO's are stupid loud but this was even louder then normal. So today I was braking the gun down again and saw the tell tale signs of the oring busting up again.

This time pieces the oring got sucked "into the selonid!" That was a new one...

I cant figure out why the hell this is happening, it's a brand new gun by all accounts.. Less then 10k shots through it. And every time this front bumper oring gets fried the pieces of debris from the oring get blown everywhere through the gun, takes forever to clean this thing when it happens.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

In this pic you can see pieces of the oring in the selonid and the other arrow points to the oring that keeps going out on me.
Posted Image

Here is a pic of the oring in question.
Posted Image

Lightest tank/reg combo

11 February 2009 - 05:59 PM

Just curious on what others are pulling for weight on their 68/45's

My current setup; tank and reg is a combined weight of exactly 890g / 1.96lbs

Kamikaze Gat Stands

04 February 2009 - 06:45 PM

I just wanted to let you guys know about these I got one about a month ago, Kamikaze Gat Stands. This is the toughest and most practical gun stand I have ever owned.

I fell in love with this thing, it folds up in about 2 seconds, can be out of your bag and ready to hold a marker in about 4 seconds. It's virtually indestructible, wont rust, wont rub the anodize off your marker and can hold just about any type of marker that is made. It comes in a ton of different colors also.

Retail is 32.00 euro which is about $42.00 USD.

Anyways, just thought I would share a good find... The companies contact info is below if you want to order I think he will ship anywhere.

Hopefully Mike will do a review on one of these. :)


New MILL 09' Marker rules

17 December 2008 - 07:45 AM

Not sure if anyone else posted up this info but I didint see anything and this is pretty major for European Div2+ players.


15 of December, 2008
2009 Gun & Product Clarification

The Millennium Series has a fine line to walk between the needs of the sponsors and those of the players in order to raise the necessary funding to produce a series of high level professional events at as reasonable a cost to the player as possible. At the same time The Millennium makes massive efforts behind the scenes trying to raise the profile of the series and teams in order to attract funding for all from new outside industry sources. The results of this work will now hopefully start bearing fruit during the course of 2009 with benefits for all.

The primary goal of The Millennium Series has been to market the sport to a wider audience in order to ensure new players are attracted to play paintball, (not necessarily our series), at every level ensuring the good health of the industry.

The Series only exists in its current form due to industry sponsors. Without them either the level of professionalism would be considerably lower than today, therefore not being attractive to a wider audience, or entry fees would be so high that all but a very few rich teams could afford it. Either way without this there would be no series fit for purpose.

Many of our sponsors have supported us for several years, and as a result have supported the teams that play the Millennium. There are also many companies that have not supported us, and of course they have the right not to, but use the Millennium very successfully to market their products. Whether this is fair or not is a matter opinion, but we think what is clearly not fair is the few paying for the many.
We also have to bear in mind current economics and try to widen the source of funding in order to maintain the necessary level of professionalism required if we want to achieve our goals.

Certain statements have been made on various forums that are blatantly not true or only tell part of the story. Due to client confidentiality we cannot enter the fray each time something is written but we would like to make the following clarifications that should give you a good idea of when certain claims are at best being exaggerated.

For 2009 we are asking gun manufacturers, (who enjoy the most direct marketing benefits of the Millennium), to support the Millennium at a minimum level of a Gun Display Sponsor. The cost for this is 10,000 for the entire series, not the 60,000.00 that has been claimed in some forums. To ensure there is a benefit for all new and existing sponsors we will also protect them in so far as ensuring only guns from a sponsor can be used in the locked divisions, those benefiting the most from TV coverage. It was always our intention not to impose this on Division three and after further discussion we have also decided to extend this to Division 2 teams. We feel this is a fundamentally fair position for all. We have had discussions with all major manufacturers both old and new and at no point did anybody have a major negative reaction to this. In fact at the meetings held in Paris & Orlando, everybody left us with the firm impression that they were on board. There are some other manufacturers that we are currently talking with to try to ensure no major gaps occur for the players. We also know of certain manufacturers who intend to assist any teams who may have issues here through a variety of assistance programs.

There are manufacturers in paintball that heavily invest in furthering our sport and support teams widely. Without these people there would be no real competitive paintball anywhere in the world. They deserve our support and the support of the industry.

There are other statements being made relating to other products, hoppers, packs etc. It is not the plan of the Millennium to impose any restrictions on players regarding any other product except for Paintballs which has been the case for some years.

The interests of all parties involved with The Millennium Series is a continual balancing act which of course can never make everybody happy all of the time. However, very few people have contacted The Millennium directly with any real complaints on these issues.

We hope this release has been of assistance in clarifying our position. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly for further assistance. Posted Image

Allot of teams use markers that are not official sponsors of MILL, going to be interesting to see what happens... I think allot of LUX's are going to be for sale in Germany lol