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27 April 2012 - 09:26 AM

How could I get on a senario Paintball team

Go to www.teamontargetpb.com and check us out. We are always looking for new talent. We have players all over the state of Florida.


06 January 2012 - 02:44 PM

Haven't heard much lately from the other side how you guys doing over there?


06 January 2012 - 09:58 AM

Makes a very interesting twist to the game. Will definately keep everyone on there toes. Should be a good change of pace.

Baroness, you hear that? You will have to ram the trees and make them fall over before I can Nerf them.

***If any of you think that she won't try and do that you haven't seen her chasing players thru the brush where there didn't used to be trails.***

Ramming Trees...YES! Finally I get permission yeah baby...I think I can handle it...Tommy stock up on the heavy medications from now I have a feeling we are gonna need it...WHOOO HOOO Posted Image

As long as the trees fall more then 20 feet from players...No squashin' players! IV bags with drip set ups will be waiting.....

Welcome to scenario.......not your grandpa's woodsball game!

^^^^^^ That should be the new Pull Pin Production slogan.^^^^^^^^^^^^^


05 January 2012 - 04:02 PM

Team2H8 is rounding up it's members to support General Buzzard in the fight against the Spartans. This scenario is shaping up to be a most excellent time.

Glad to have you on board!


05 January 2012 - 09:25 AM

Added a new twist and is a work in progress.....what do you think?
For this event four ID demo role players and one ID demo mission role player for a total of five per side.

There will be two ID role players to be anti-tank only and two ID role players to be structure/bunker only for each side.

A, All Launchers must be approved before the start of the event.

B. You must have a "Demo Role " card or "Demo Mission Role" card to use a LAW on the field.

C. Demo role players will be taped on the left or right arm between the shoulder and elbow. Demo mission role players will be taped on both arms between the shoulder and elbow.

D. No "sabot" rounds (wads of paintballs) or grenades as projectiles from launchers allowed.

E. Demo players must use Nerf brand "Mini Vortex" or JCS "F-69" foam rockets.
The only modification to these that will be allowed is trimming of no more than inch off of each of the three fins.

F. All launchers must chronograph at less than 230 feet per second.
Anything over will be a punched card and asked to leave the field and chronograph again before reinserting . (strictly enforced)

G. Hard targets only such as motorized tanks, buildings, bunkers, bridges, etc.
No trees, bushes or shooting the ground around players. Logs,stumps and bunkers made from natural debris is in fair play. The use as a mortar is not allowed to eliminate players.

H. Large buildings will only be blown with a mission card. (demo mission role player only) Buildings will be marked on the event map.

I. The mission card must be signed off by a referee who witnessed the completion of the mission within the time limit specified by the mission card to receive points. It's your responsibility to inform a referee in advance.

J. These devices may be used during daytime segments only. No night use allowed.

Just my Opinion but it sounds like this could cause confusion between refrees on who can shoot what targets.

Just my two cents as this will make it much harder on the refs to determine what demo is which. I believe the rolls should be limited in amount per side, but not split. If your demo you should be able to do tanks and buildings.