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In Topic: Against Girls Who Suck - Controversial Rant

18 July 2009 - 06:00 PM

Hit the nail on the head PBJOEY.
Lighten up you bunch of stiffs.
Have some fun. Strap on a pair of balls and play the game like good girls and boys.

In Topic: Against Girls Who Suck - Controversial Rant

18 July 2009 - 05:33 PM

So, on further inspection of this thread, I have deduced that a high percentage of the people posting in here are highly intolerant.
I mean, really, are you so insecure that you have to baww over everyone's flaws and/or differences?

Paintball is a sport. Sure. You know, if sport isn't fun, you take away the incentive for good sportsmanship, and Sportsmanship is what keeps a sport enjoyable and worthwhile. It's the people here who take the game too seriously who cause a lot of newcomers to quit pretty sharpish after bad experiences involving elitism.

If a person wants to wear fancy dress to a GAME, what valid reason is there against them doing so?
Some of the BEST sportsmen and women in the world play purely for fun.
You take these people away, and what you have, form an outside view, is a bunch of adolescents who think they're elite action man commando soldier marines.
You keep these people, you have the positive image of a sport that can be enjoyed by any person, for fun, for a hobby, for a discipline.

If you guys are so insecure that you find it necessary to perform these witch hunts, you're going to end up a very lonely race.

In Topic: Against Girls Who Suck - Controversial Rant

18 July 2009 - 06:58 AM

hey listen man, she was dressing inappropriatly. She is the model of what Becc hates and now you are mad at her for getting mad at your daughter? Wow man just wow. Your thought process is outstanding, you truely are a genius.

Requesting an example of appropriate.

You know, guys and girls... For such "respectful" and "respectable" people you sure are pushing the boundaries of oppressing women. I mean, some people hate Islam because of the Burkha... Some people look back in history and complain that it was sexist that girls couldn't wear what they wanted, or do what they wanted. But now, you guys, the same self righteous numpties who insist you're not sexist, and want equality, are baying for the blood of the free women and girls who feel they can do what they want.
Most of you guys are American, and I know you're big on "land of the free" and the likes, so surely this is a big kick in the knackers of the people who fought for your freedom?

Also, some of you guys on here will know me under other aliases on other forums. You will know that I have a pretty educated opinion of both parties in this discussion. I don't hate the founder of this thread, you're a real nice lass Becc, but I think it's time to live and let live.

Like I said, you want a dress code? Go elsewhere. People like you will be the death of this sport.

EDIT: Ced, just read your post and I respect you for that. It takes a real person to accept and correct their wrongs.
And, good on your for sticking with PB in Germany, it's tough enough here in the UK, when I went to Germany I didn't find a single field!

In Topic: Against Girls Who Suck - Controversial Rant

17 July 2009 - 07:50 PM

Well, all I can say after reading large chunks of this (for the last year or so now, man get over it already. Let it drop) is that some people really need to stop concentrating on other people and pay attention to who's in front of your marker, and who's marker you happen to the in front of.

Paintball is not about what you wear, how you act in the staging area, or how good you look. It's about shooting more people than the other guy and winning. Anyone who says otherwise is an idealist, naiive halfwit. Either that or they suck so bad they use the "it's the taking part that counts" motto.

I'm sorry to say that I think most of this ranting and raving is purely (not necessarily consciously) jealousy based. If a girl looks good, good for her. I see guys who look good around. I see guys who make sure they look good no matter what. I'm comfortable with myself and don't need to make >9000 threads about how they suck.

What are you trying to achieve by this? A dress code? Join a Golf Club, a Nunnery, or the Woman's Institution. You're trying to change how people act because you don't like it? Maybe you should just jump right into George Orwell's 1984.

People do what they like. Some people are blessed with the gift of the gab. Some with the gift of beauty. Some with both.
Jealousy however, is not a gift.

You're playing a sport dominated by pubescent boys. You're going to see girls in Bikinis holding markers. It's nature. It's the sensible way to market. It's realistic. Idealism is all well and good but it never got anyone anywhere fast.

Also, for the girls out there who assume every man and his dog is out to hump her leg. If you make such a bloody fuss that you're a female yourself, you can't complain when someone else does. This is another situation where some people need to get over themselves. Sure you're different, but if you expect/worry about something happening enough, when it does happen, or shows signs of doing so, you subconsciously blow it out of proportion. You people, the ones who whine about guys looking at you differently and giving you attention are the same who actively look for the attention you say you don't want. Good shakespeare quote for ya, you've all heard it before (I hope): "The Lady doth protest too much, methinks". You people are over protesting, and to anyone with any life experience you really do look incredibly immature. You insult our intelligence by thinking it gets past us.

My advice to all you people out there who are part of this immature AGWS movement: You don't suit green eyes. Grow up, and accept the things in life that aren't just how you like them. You think I like it when I see the dude in college with his jeans tucked into his socks? No. I laugh a little inside, and move on.
I reccommend you do the same. Or you'll all end up very bitter people.

Also, nice forums, and some interesting points of view.
1st Post - Per Adua.