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In Topic: Irish paintball league

01 September 2009 - 09:17 AM

the irish guys are robbie and karl

karl is on the far left int he pic and robbie is the guy in the middle on his knees lol his usual position haha :)

In Topic: Irish paintball league

01 September 2009 - 03:47 AM

Posted Image Team Karnage Win IPL 4 - The JT Cup

Team Karnage Win the IPL JT CUP 2009

Posted Image

The 4th event of the Irish Paintball League is now over and once again, Team Karnage have done the business. It was another tense, action packed day of paintball at Barrage Paintball with some surprises and great performances. Team Fear displayed some brilliant improvement since we saw them last and Escarmouche made their first appearance since the first event.

Karnage were strong all day and beat Escarmouche in the final 4 points to 2. The IPL is a race to 4 points format. All the practice at their sponsors Anarky Paintball, Newry and Tallaght Leisure Centre must have paid off.

Reffing duties today were carried out by Wildfire and the head ref with Alex [Stag]. The reffing standard was good from what I saw. There will always be calls that some people are not happy with, but that is paintball - deal with it.

Today's result means that unless something stops Karnage from performing their reffing duties, they are certain to take the title of 2009 IPL Champions. They currently rest 50 points ahead of the Dublin Reapers. So if reapers finish in the top four at the next event and Karnage some how don't ref, then there is a change for them. But that chances of that are slim.

Final Standings:
1st: Team Karnage
2nd: Escarmouche
3rd: Bad Company
4th: Irish Rage
5th: Team Fear
6th: Dublin Reapers
7th: Team Marvel

The next and final event is the Barrage Cup, on October 10th.

In Topic: How much $ u actually have in paintball???

23 November 2008 - 10:46 AM

i'd say i've spent about 2k euro(dunno what that is in dollars) at least jus on all my gear i have spares for everything though.
i prob spent another 1k jus entering tournys this year
another 7or 800 for paint at all the events.
then 2 cases of paint a week training price dependin on the field price is 28e-50e
crazy haha and i'll prob spend more next season due to more tournys :)

In Topic: how culd be make our sport bigger

07 October 2008 - 06:21 PM

dunno if this would work over in the states but here in ireland we do one day every 2 months called an S.O.D. Speedball Open Day at a couple of the sites a post goes up on the irish paintball forum paintballer.ie and its open to all usually everyone brings a person along or jus new ppl looking in on the site come we get the more experienced players to pick teams school yard style and your together for the day and we make up a mini league it gets the novices talking to experienced guys and learning about the sport in a freindly team atmosphere. guys who have no gear usually get some from the site or bein there is usually at least 15to 20 more experienced players who have spare markers and the like we loan em to each other. we've been doin these for the past year and half or so and the community over here although small has come on in a huge way.

anyways jus my0.02c

In Topic: New Limited Edition Angel A1 Fly's

05 October 2008 - 10:36 AM

they are amazing was shootin the rasta and joy fly over the weekend and considering it was gale force winds and absolutely pissin rain here in ireland they fired straight and true all day no problems at all also some of my team mates bought the wonderboy and the gothic so we will be firin em off at the millenium in paris this weekend :)