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College living bullshit

05 February 2014 - 04:02 PM

So I go to a public university, and I don't get any financial aid or have any scholarships. I understand that the money in my college fund is money my father has earned through working many years for the federal government, plus interest. I know I don't have quite enough to make it a full four years (trying to graduate in three), and that makes my parents and me concerned, obviously. I'm looking to live in an off-campus apartment, because it saves money. And my mother never believes me when I tell her that. She's convinced it will cost more. Let me break it down for you.


Living on campus is $4,500 per semester. A semester is 4 months long. So I'm paying out $9,000 for 8 months. This includes the meal plan though, which is about $1,000 of that.


The off-campus apartment complex I'm looking at is $425 a month plus utilities for a 4-bedroom. Living in an apartment dictates that I live in it year round, even during breaks. Some people move out for the summer, to save money, but I would probably stay just to keep from going back to my family. (Yes I am an asshole blahblahblah. My relationship with my parents isn't very good, I really don't need to get into it.) So $425 for 12 months is 5,100. Plus utilities, which get split evenly with the roommates, so you're looking at like 20-30 a month, maybe less? And then I also have to buy food. But groceries would also be split between everyone, so that wont be too bad either.


I feel like there's a few thousand I could easily save going that route. That's money I can spend on maymester or summer classes to try to pack in as many credits as possible in minimal time. Also, if I live in town year round, I will be able to hold a steady job (many of which either wont hire if you aren't here 12 months a year, or only hire like right as the semester starts.) What this means is even more money, which can be used to pay for rent, classes, food, a car, and really any other expense.


To me this sounds like an easy decision and I don't understand why my parents (read mother) try to fight me over it around every corner. I dunno. I'm angry and want to blow something up and I need to go grab my laundry./rant




27 December 2013 - 10:01 PM

So today I got an industrial piercing on my left ear and I fucking LOVE it! It's great, my first piercing, didn't really hurt when they did it. Apparently I bled a fuckload though, my friends were whispering about it cause they didn't want to freak me out (which it wouldn't have.) One of them got her tongue pierced before me. It was really fun though and I'm already way too excited to go back for a new bar and to get my earlobes done at some point too. And I need money for tattoos too, but that's a whole nother story.


Feel free to share about any piercings you have or want or hate or whatever!

Planet Eclipse GSL

11 October 2013 - 03:51 PM



No information as of yet, just the teaser pic! If someone who is a pro at embedding wishes to do so, that would be bomb. I'm supposed to be typing a paper right now lol