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SLG 7th element board question

13 October 2009 - 11:43 AM

Hey Guys,

this may be a dumb question to you Vets out there, but i was wondering:

if i get a new board for my proto slg basic, will it stop the problems im having? i had a problem where the ball would get stuck between the bolt and the feedneck and id get a lot of chopping. now ive read that just a cleaning and changing and re-lubing of the o-rings should work. so i did that and it seems to be fine, i havent done a thorough test on it since its raining now and cant play haha, but for the long run, will changing the board help?

thanks guys!

SLG Problem

05 September 2009 - 07:41 PM

ok, so hopefully this is in the right section to post but i have a problem with my slg 09 basic. i went paintballing today and it was one of the worst days ive had paintballing, if not the 1st ever worst day of pballin... my slg was choppin balls like there was no tomorrow. it would shoot okay for a bit, and then a ball would get stuck. i cleaned it out cuz the ball broke - i cleaned out the eyes as well. i replaced an o-ring last night cuz there was a leak coming from the bolt. the leak stopped after chaning the o-ring... but today it was chopping like crazy. i noticed that the bolt doesnt cock back all the way - so i took it out, cleaned it up and put it back in. i tested it and it was working fine! and then it started chopping again - and the bolt wasnt going all the way back again. how do i fix this? i changed the battery out as well - i even changed my asa back to the original one from the on/off i added thinking that there was too much air possibly... it just sucked bad today.

any help? please?

Edit: oh 1 more thing - a guy at the field told me that he had the same problem so he changed 2 o-rings on the bolt - he couldnt remember which ones they were tho... hopefully this helps?

SLG leak

04 September 2009 - 07:50 PM

hopefully this is posted in the right section - so this is what i did... about 3 weeks ago i played with my slg 09 just fine; no problems. so then i decided to get an on/off asa and so i had to buy a new fitting and macroline. i put that on with no problem. so after 1 week; today, i get some air in my tank and i wanna test out the asa. it works fine! my first attempt at a new asa and there is no leak coming from the fitting or macroline! im happy, and a little bit proud HAHAHA

so anyways, i put the air in and i hear a leak coming from the bolt area. i put my ear where the hopper should be and i can hear the air, it sounds like a small leak. anyone know how i can stop this? i did clean out the gun and lube it up right after the first time i played. i checked the orings as well and they all looked fine.

any suggestions? im going to play tomorrow so any suggestions would be helpful right about now!

thanks guys!


music while playing?

02 September 2009 - 02:20 PM

hey has anyone tried listening to their ipod or mp3 player while playing? i would think that a little music would pump u up. haha... if so, how? i mean, wont the ear phones be in the way?

quick question about a yellow mask

01 September 2009 - 12:46 PM

are the yellow masks for refs? i mean, my cousin got one for his grad gift and i think it was a jt; it came with a fan... anyways, he hasnt used it because he thinks its a refs mask - he doesnt wanna give it back to the friend that got it for him cuz he doesnt wanna be messed up like that... ive been on these forums for a while now everyday, and i forgot to ask - are yellow masks for refs?