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Texas Warzone's 2011 Scenario/Big Game Schedule

02 December 2010 - 10:19 AM

visit http://www.TxWarzone.com for field information
all games produced by Geddons Games, http://www.GeddonsGames.com

Jan 22, 2011
8-hour big game/scenario
$25 Pre-reg (by Jan 8) $35 walk on
HPA or Co2 $10 all day
FPO: $60/case *we have FS available with advance notice

Summarized Story:
Drug Lords are processing the drugs in rural East Texas. Local towns people are dishing out street justice while the drugs keep pouring in. Control territory for points while earning bonus points for controlling the drug supply. Either by seizing it and disposing of it, or by successfully processing and transporting it to market.
"Stargate SG-1"
March 12, 2011
8-Hour Big Game/scenario
$25 pre-registered (by Feb 26) $35 walk on
HPA or Co2 $10 all day
FPO: $60/case * FS available on request

summarized story:
On a distant planet, SG teams do battle with Jaffa warriors for control of the naquadah mines. With both faction's ships engaged in battle above, the only way to get the naquadah off the planet is through the stargate! Battle for control in this 8-hour engagement. Earn bonus points for safely secured naquadah.
"Fall of Reach" inspired by the hit Halo video game series
May xx 2011 <-- to be announced
8-Hour Big Game/Scenario
$25 pre-registered, $35 walk on
HPA or Co2 $10 All Day
FPO $60/case * FS available with advanced notice

This game, will be different!
The planet Reach, home of the Spartans. Attacked by the Covenant, an alliance of alien races, without warning. Unable to be reasoned or bargained with, the Covenant have only one mission. Wipe the galaxy clean of the human race. Reach cannot fall. Reach must not fall. We must fight until the last man. And fight we will!
Special Scenario Format:
This event will play out as an attack and defend scenario. The game will be divided into 2, 4-hour segments in which each team will take a turn being the defending humans. The goal is to hold back the covenant onslaught for as long as possible. Points will be awarded to the defending team based on the number of minutes they can hold each objective. Objectives farthest from their spawn will be worth the most points, objectives closest will be worth the least. The team who has the highest defending score will be declared the winner. This event will entail multiple special characters including Spartans and Elites, suicide grunts, demolitions, medics, and special aircraft units. This will be our largest event of the spring season and promises to be an interesting event to say the least!

More events will be added as dates are confirmed.
Detailed event info can be found on the forum at http://www.GeddonsGames.com

Justice - Texas Warzone Sulphur Springs Tx

30 November 2010 - 12:23 PM

"Justice" (Big game/Scenario)
Jan 22, 2011
Texas Warzone Sulphur Springs TX
"A group of drug dealers has set up processing operations in rural East Texas. Using bribes and brute force, they have all but eliminated any resistance from local authorities. Ferrying product in and out of the area using helicopters, the drug lords are running completely unchecked. The local townspeople, fed up with being controlled by drug lords, have risen up to take matters into their own hands. With the support of a few unintimidated police officers they plan to enact some measure of street justice against the drug pushers and all who have chosen to help them."

Pick your side in this 8-hour battle for territory. Will you serve crime and push product? Or will you serve up street justice and help to restore order?
Cost $25 pre-reg (Jan 8, 2011 cutoff) or $35 walk-on
Co2 or HPA $10 all day
Paint: $60/case

Field Information:
Event Information and waiver/registration form:

Facebook event page:

Information number: 903-348-0436 (Mon-Sat 9a-5p)

Justice - Texas Warzone Sulphur Springs Tx

15 November 2010 - 06:02 AM

Event Information:

1 Day Event in Sulphur Springs Tx at the new Texas Warzone Field
Cost $25 pre-reg, $35 walkon
Paint is $60 / case DXS
Air is $10 All day HPA or Co2

The Drug Cartels of Mexico are operating a drug processing ring in rural East Texas. Unable to control the situation with local police alone, the local government has hired in private security forces to help quell the violence and get drugs off the street.

This game will consist of a constant battle for territory and team-level bonus objectives.

Refs needed for this event, call Geddon at 903 348 0436

Field Information:

First Strike Field Paint

25 September 2010 - 02:11 AM

I run two different paintball parks, one is FPO, the other is not, but both my parks are Event Paint Only when we do big games and tournaments.

I have always anticipated ordering First Strike in BLUE fill to avoid people buying it cheaper online and just bringing it to events, but now it seems you can even buy Blue fill online.

This is agitating because although most people will support the event, some people will always start trying to sneak it in, especially with the cost of first strike.
I'm making this post to urge people to NOT try to circumvent the event paint only signs with first strike at ANY event.
Like my parks, many fields have multiple owners. Usually you have the paintball jockey's who run the field, and the money guy who finances everything. That investment partner is who keeps the field running, and he's only concerned about making money. If you make it hard for him to make money on something, he will simply stop doing it.

Long story short, if you cheat the system, people will stop allowing first strike. Its the simplest solution.

Since as far as I have been informed, there are only two fill colors, blue and white lets try to be fair. White for the rec ballers, and blue for the events.

We sell first strike paintballs by the case (100 rounds) at the same price as a case of regular paintballs (2000 rounds) and we sell those cases for $60.00

Not bad, really. When you consider that most players shoot far more than 20 rounds of regular paint in any average engagement to get an elimination, the 20:1 regular ball to first strike ratio seems reasonable.

I guess what I'm trying to say is be fair to the fields in your community. Some of them are paying extra money on their insurance policies just to be able to allow you to use first strike there. If they don't make any money there, they are just going to remove first strike from the menu and you'll be back to shooting your normal paint again and stuck with that 300 dollar Tiberius investment

Texas Warzone powered by Geddons Games LLC

23 September 2010 - 03:21 AM

Just giving everyone a heads up about a new event field coming to North East Texas. Its currently under construction and has its first events scheduled around mid-January.

Its called Texas Warzone and will be about 10 minutes off I-30 an hour East of Dallas. This field is operated by Geddons Games LLC http://www.geddonsgames.com and will be running frequent 8 hour games for paintball as well as airsoft. The site is under construction but new information and revisions are being added each day.

We have our own forum on our website, however we think its best to keep our community-related topics on a place like Tech PB. We believe that Tech PB is one of the best online communities for assisting with the growth of new players in the sport.
You'll find all the game specific information on our forum and general event chat.

The new park will consist of deciduous forest, a shanty village, and traditional speedball fields. Its sized at around 40 total acres and will be first strike friendly. The field will host several big games per year and utilize a new game format.

More information on our web site!