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OSC Germany 2010

09 February 2010 - 09:10 AM

Since I ever so often read people asking about on-going overseas paintball events. Here's something particularly for pump players stationed area Benelux / Germany.

Link to OSC Germany 2010. 4-day event, spread out over months may, june, juli and august.

Need more info, throw them a mail on info@oldschoolchallenge.de or if you like, feel free to get a pm out to me.

Freak Honed TIPPMANN SL-68 II Barrel

21 January 2010 - 01:48 PM

I'm looking into getting a SL-68 II V.2

To prevent roll-outs, I was planning on getting the stock barrel or a J&J Ceramic barrel honed to accept Freak inserts.
It came to my ears that this might not be a good idea there the o-ring on the bolt could grab the insert and pull it into the breech !

Sounds possible ? - Any "Mythbusters" out there ?

Is there an other option for sale, other then using nailpolish or tape.

Identification Pump Team

10 November 2009 - 01:40 PM

Who knows the name/coordintes from team in YouTube clip ?

Link :

The jersey resembles a lot the flag from region (Vlaanderen) where I live in Belgium. Going to give it a try to get me one of those :-)

Appreciate all help/input...

45 elbow

12 October 2009 - 04:32 PM

I sport a O/C Phantom with right feed breech.
I use plastic elbows and consider to get a aluminum.

Ever so often I brake one from those plastic elbows. Guess by hitting something or overtightning the screw !
I do know I broke one when doing a supperman slide and hit the gras with the hopper, what sticks out to the side a bit - because of right side breech.

Now following came to my ear :

- The force that is put onto elbow will be transmitted to next part if it does not break ! This means onto the feedneck/breech.

My concern - "Will the breech break ?" :-/

Maybe it helps to get a left side breech. Gives a little more space when doing superman ;-) Don't like center feed breech because of aiming, mpo.

I know that Python makes the aluminum elbows. Any other known ?

Feel free to comment or give your opinion about aluminum elbow.

whitewolfairsmithing - WWA

29 September 2009 - 02:05 PM

I'm not meaning to talk bad about this company. I WOULD LOVE TO GET ONE OF THEIR PRODUCTS.
(Maybe they have listed me under SPAM because of the many emails *lol*)

Ordered 14" Phantom barrel honed for Freak inserts, collor black at WWA.
I'm an International customer (Europe).
They returned me an email 22th september letting me know it was in stock (after I mailed them 3 times).
Didn't hear anything from them since (I sent them couple emails).
I eventely placed online order payed Paypal.
I buried them under a pile of emails asking for SitReps, without result.

Problem is that I can't order the barrel somewhere else as long as I don't know if they shipped it out or not !

Used email addresse WWA : webmaster@whitewolfairsmithing.com,info@whitewolfairsmithing.com and wlfwrose@aol.com
I used two different email addresses from myself to make sure that's not the problem.
Contact page on website WWA looks to be dead too :-/

Anybody has experienced something like this ? What's your experience with WWA ? Anybody phonenumber, so I can give them a call.
It also would be reasuring to know that this is normal and I just have to have patience :-)

Appreciate all the help and DO KNOW I'm not making a judgement here.

I'll put a feadback up here after I had contact and/or have barrel delivered.