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In Topic: too much padding?

21 April 2013 - 08:13 PM

I wear padding, not to get bounces but for protecting myself.

Elbow pads for dives and crawling on the ground. No need to rip up my arms while playing.

Gloves because getting shot in the knuckles sucks.

Knee pads because I'm not stupid. I've kneeled down on rocks, roots, and other forms of nature. I'd prefer to keep my knees healthy. They would've been really messed up if it weren't for the pads.

Chest protector because I took a shot in the sternum, started bleeding and left a scar. Don't want to repeat that.

In Topic: Paintball dying? Mmmm... No.

21 April 2013 - 07:52 PM

IMO, I don't think paintball is dying, at least not in my area. During my 5 years of playing I've only seen one field and shop close down. However, fields like OXCC (Outdoor Extreme Chesapeake City) are expanding and making the game of paintball more enjoyable for all! Their scenario games are usually top notch. They just recently obtained TWO Chinook helicopters to add to there field! (https://sphotos-b.xx...128095714_n.jpg)

Robinhood Paintball has always been a great field to play at. They have a great staff and the field is well maintained!

I've also seen a new local shop open up. Paintball Pandemic. Excellent service and packed with many products.

So like many sports, I guess it depends on your area. I wouldn't necessarily say it's dying because paintball is pretty stable in my area. The fields that I play at always have a good crown of people there.

In Topic: Looking for a specific barrel color

20 April 2013 - 10:02 PM

ANS anodized Freak barrels might be your best option then. The sour apple color looks quite close.


Hmmm, That could work. Any idea if it's dust or glossy? I'll contact ANS and ask them.

In Topic: Looking for a specific barrel color

20 April 2013 - 09:50 PM

These are all good suggestions, but I don't want to get my barrel bored for inserts. I want to get a new 2-piece barrel that would match the Lime accents of my G6R.

In Topic: Should I do it?

18 April 2013 - 10:27 PM

That'll be cool. Splatmasters are not the expensive either, so if you don't like it it's not too much of a loss.