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pump or not

11 September 2009 - 11:02 PM

i was thinking during school if i should start playing pump and the azodin kaos pump looks awesome but i dont think i would like it cuz it seems to be harder than not pump since you wouldnt have to pump it (obivously) but im not willing to spend like 2 or 3 hundred dollars just for a pump and yes i do have a loader and tanke (a pinokio and ninja 68/4500 or a boobi tank) could anyone give me some options because i dont know crap about pumps at all havent touched shot held or anything that has to do with a pump

fuck them

08 September 2009 - 06:21 PM

fuck them i dont give a damn shit bout their fucking age minumum bullshit thats just fucking queer EWC has no fucking reason to ban me for underage , sure i'm 13 but i mostly go to techpb not fucking any damn fucking room now i am going to fucking complain to them send them shit and bug their fucking ass until they unban me they are fucking cock suckers and i dont care if this post gets deleted because it was in the venting forum and if it does i wont balme mike kitty ced or any of the mods this post has a shit load of swears still though they cant ban someone who fucking goes to one fucking room and chats there its not right dammit oh yea could someone answe me ? will they unban me once i am fucking 14? or are they just gonna fucking sit there and do shit i will spam and fucking bug the hell out of their fucking asses i dot give A FUCK i A_Santa-Emma or UAPB8 or abbey or emma or what ever the hell you call me should be able to fucking chat on techpb fuck that their just gonna be bitches and do shit

paintball girls / girls who play paintball

03 August 2009 - 11:35 PM

does anyone know y most girls do not play paintball? i mean i'm a girl and i think the only time i've seen some girls playing paintball was last saturday which was actually my first time playing so i want learn more about like is there any equipment that is geared towards girls? or i would like to know why a good amount of the female population dont play paintball